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I have a good old 91/30 in a monte carlo stock. (I know I know) I got it for cheap and am thinking of selling it.
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I actually had a lady GIVE me a cut down '91 that she said she thought was "illegal" since it was Russian. I was absolutely crushed because someone had cut the barrel to 18" and cut the stock down. Why was I crushed? Because the rifle was a 1916 COSSACK receiver!! But I made her take $100. MAN!!! I worked the KC gun shows and until a few years ago. Darin (buddy of mine used) to have 10-15 crates of Mosins at every show. He always had a case of paper towels there. You could reach into the crate and choose which baby you wanted as there are 20 to a crate. You got the rifle, bayonet, sling and cleaning accessories for $85 bucks! And a paper towel for the cosmoline!! Then you went to the next table and his friend had pallets of sardine cans (440 rounds) for $85 plus tax. Never saw him leave with rifles in the crate, it was awesome...Just take your chosen rifle and a case of ammo home for less than 2 bills and set the rifle on the patio to heat up an loosen the cosmoline for the cleaning session...MAN those were the days. You can still find them, just look and don't be taken in by these prices, they'll come back down!!
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I don't think prices will be coming back down on milsurps. There are only so many in existence and many have been destroyed through the years. Mosin's were the cheapest for the longest time but have creeped up quite a bit recently. They're the last of cheap bolt actions just like SKS's are the cheapest of the semi auto's.
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