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Default Great psa video

ran across this one awhile ago and really liked it... I have 6 psa lowers and 4 psa uppers, never had a issue with any of them... this is a pretty good video and explains why psa has a cheaper price.. good watch

last 30 sec of video is pretty accurate

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I am surprised I had not come across that video before. Thanks, I enjoyed it.
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Built my sons 1st Ar from PSA . Total cost was $420 . Gun ran flawlessly from day one.
Took it to his first AR class and ran it hard , put over 600 rounds thru it that day.
I would recommend them before . Will recommend them even more after this video !
Their prices makes it easy for non gun people to get into a AR or AK for very affordable prices !!
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I just purchased a PA-10 rifle in .308 & two AR-15 pistols in .556 & ACC 300 Blackout from PSA & am very happy with them. They are very well made & attractively priced. For some reason I have never dealt with then before. The AR platform is not new to me as I bought my first AR back in 1979 as a SP-1.
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