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Default Alliant BE72/MP205 powder?

American Reloading has a killer deal on surplus pistol powder, about $16 a pound. They call it MP205 and say it is similar to Alliant BE72. A quick internet search turns up nothing on either powder and Alliant's website only lists BE85 but their data is from 2018.

Anybody used either one? Good stuff or crap? Mainly interested in loading 9mm with it, any other rounds it is suitable for?
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I don't know about it.

Power Pistol also has a BE number (BE84).

BE powders are modified Bullseye flake powders with different coatings to change the burning rate.

BE86 is somewhere between super fast original Bullseye and Power Pistol.

I have heard there are other BE numbers, but I don't know what they are.

BE is code for, "Bullseye" flake powder.
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virgil cole
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It would be nice if some re-loading data was available for it .
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