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PVK Vegas
DLT Trading
these both have about any switch blade you could want
for 149.00 shipped I think this is the best switchblade for the money-Buck 110 Auto

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Take a look at Mikovs. http://mikovknives.com/index.html
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I want to help out by clarifying on weird shipping laws on automatic knives. Keep in mind that I’m no lawyer but from what I understand, the federal ban on auto knives from crossing state line only applies to USPS. However some online knife store can legally circumvent that by shipping through other carriers that aren’t USPS, you know like FedEx or UPS. Of course that also cost pretty pennies more.

Based on my experiences with automatic knives, you can’t go wrong with Boker automatics. You can take them apart and remove the spring if you have to go through area they doesn’t allow them then put it back in. Boker are also reasonably priced.
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I went with a SOG Elite I.
Hasn't given me any problems.
Had a Microtech Ultratech otf for awhile.
Thought it was over priced for what it was.
The button you kind of preload pressure for the
firing mechanism when pressing forward for the release.
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I bought a Viper-Tec OTF and liked it enough to buy another one for my nephew. They are completely made of steel and have a heavy feel to them.

I looked around for one with a longer blade, but didn't come up with anything. Must be some kind of lame restrictions on them.

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Originally Posted by Gunnuts View Post
Grindworx (same outfit as BladeHQ)

They're addictive.

You've been warned.
this space for rent.
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Had no idea it was so difficult for free men to get stuff. Something must be wrong if they cannot do so easily.
Just let me know if I can help in any way.
Fuck the oppressive government and their illegal bullshit.

I figure a bunch of you are just a bunch of goddam pussies
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Originally Posted by TheGreek! View Post
If our galaxy was a city Earth would be the ghetto.....
2020 Baby! Bring it!
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I buy from Smokey Mountain because I live in the same state so it's legal to ship them to me.
They told me federal law prevents them from shipping auto's across state lines.
However I have found other companies don't care.
I buy Schrade switchblades because I use my knife every day. I have found they are a good balance between quality, function and price. They hold an edge pretty well and are easy to sharpen when needed.
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I wanted to pick up an automatic knife about a year ago and decided on Houge, I picked up one of these and have not been disappointed!

USA made and very good quality

Lifetime Texas State Rifle Association member, C&R FFL
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Default Blade

I have one to sell text 201-396-6705 for pics
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Originally Posted by TheGreek! View Post
Success! I found a place that has 145 pages of switchblades on their website, now I just gotta pick one...

I bought 2 Gerber 06 autos from them.Arrived via USPS.
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