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Originally Posted by Black Blade View Post
1 Year Emergency Food Storage For Less Than $300

Over at the they have an article that you will want to read, bookmark and print off. The article shows you how to get together a whole years food supply for around $300 for a family of four!

They do state that there food plan has no dairy and Vitamin B12. So you probably will need to add that to your emergency food portfolio. Powdered milk for the dairy and start canning for B12.

That being said, this is a very good place to start and for 300 bucks who can complain when you can sleep easy at night knowing you have a years supply of food stockpiled.

1 Year Emergency Food Storage For Less Than $300
Hello! It is very interesting, for how many people is it designed for that price? I think here it is necessary to calculate from the different needs of organization. Thank you for sharing!
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