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Default Just my .02

Reading a lot of the comments on here, and appreciate the leg work some of you have put in RE: cost, serving size, etc. My .02? The average calorie count is based on a host of factors. Your BMR or basal metabolic rate is the bare minimum it will take for your body to simply survive; kidneys to work, brain to function, lungs to exchange gases, etc. Please be realistic. A cup of this or a handful of that is unrealistic, and while it may help you last longer than the Joneses down the street, it simply is not sustainable. Moreover, how will you be using your time during the day? Hunting? Hiking / walking to here and there to get preps, check traps, etc? Better up your calories, because hiking alone burns THOUSANDS of calories daily depending on distance, pace, terrain. How about water? How will you cook and prepare this food you have stored? Can you defend it? Do you have enough to barter for a hired-gun to help protect, or trade for medical help? Here's my point - if you can, go overboard. Keep more on hand than you and your family need, so you can barter, help, or simply make it when and if it gets really bad. But don't get too bogged down here - do something and start somewhere. If it's $20 worth of tuna and uncle bens, start somewhere. Buy an extra case or two of bottled water. Hope this helps somebody. Just where my head is, anyway.
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