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Originally Posted by ElPedagogue View Post
"Eat the trees" is a YouTube guy that can save your life. Pine trees are a great survival tree and source of vitamin minerals calories medicine too. Check it out, you can barter tar, turpentine and loads more. Plenty of other edibles out there year round. Print out and waterproof a manual today. EMP that Newt is always talking about is possible.
NO, the cambium aint. Jesse tried that bs on Season 5 of Alone tv show and it locked up his guts, made him tap out. You dont want to bother with more than minimal amounts of dandelion roots or cambium. They are both bad for you if you eat more than an oz or so of each per day. They need to be boiled to make them digestible and then fried in fish oil, etc, to make them palatable. The cambium is such a pita to harvest that doing so is a net calorie loss, but you need SOME carbs, to keep your brain working properly. Fish and game offer almost zero carbs.
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