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Vincent 04-12-2019 12:50 AM

Just received my order, very fast shipping and reasonably priced I really like my items as they are usually priced gouged elsewhere and/or are in very poor surplus quality. Overall I would reccomend, yall are good to go.

dfs1958 04-16-2019 11:30 AM

Thank you!

commander 05-13-2019 10:26 PM

It really looks like they hand picked the best trunnions for me, just what l asked for. Great place to deal w/ honest and guys. Triple wrapped packaging. 100% A+


dfs1958 06-25-2019 02:41 PM

Thank you!

ak kali 11-14-2019 04:14 PM

DFS has always come through for me. Especially when it comes to hard to find items. Quality parts fairly priced, including the shipping. Positive feedback has been long overdue! Thank you!!

case mouth 05-25-2020 05:50 AM

Just bought a few odds and ends and very happy! I love how they pack and reasonable prices and shipping. Items are always better than described!

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