• In order to make things a little less vague here, the last few days the mod team has been working on a list of rules we all can go by.

    We were very concerned that we don't have too many bullshit rules, but we felt that with recent events this board has been going through, it could be useful to everyone to have some guidelines.

    Some rules were taken from the sign in page, others from what Jen has handed down and are now codified in one easy to consult "8 Commandments". I hope this is helpful.

    What not to post:

    1) Anything recommending violating Local, State or Federal Laws.

    2) Nudity and porn or links to nudity and porn.

    3) Serious threats

    4) Negative comments about other members family members.

    5) Racism

    6) No using blasphemes in thread titles.

    7) Anything NOT violating the above rules is allowed in DB.

    8) The owner and mod team of The AK Files Forums reserve the right to suspend membership at any time at our own discretion and to remove, edit, merge, move or close any post or thread for any reason, and without notice.

    A LOT has changed since you last visited. Have a look around, let us know if you have any issues or find anything that's not working right. We're still fixing up a few things, so be patient, more to come!!

    Forum Status:
         Contributors: OPEN
         Vendors: OPEN
         Registration: OPEN


    While we do not believe the hackers gained access to the database server, we highly suggest all users update their passwords on this system and, if you were using the same password here and on other sites or services, you should consider those passwords compromised and change them immediately.

    Temporary Forum Online: https://www.falfiles.com/forums/

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