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Default Review of Interarms ak 47 from Atlantic firearms

Greetings and Salutations to all gun owners and NRA supporters!
Today, just for fun!! We are reviewing 2 of Interarms ak 47s from Atlantic firearms (www.atlanticfirearms.com). They are both the same except that 1 is a poly and the other is wood. Please be advised that I’m a layman and not an expert!! I’m only given my opinion and story to help others along in their journey of ak madness.

So as I set out on my little adventure, searching high and low for a decent ak 47 worth my hard earned money. I luckily stumbled across atlantic firearms web site. I actually started my research about 6 months prior. Looking at gun shops, researching comments in forums, asking questions from my friends at the gun range, hours and hours perusing the local gun shows(better than going to a movie-lol), and don’t forget you-tubing for ak 47 videos. What I discovered, was a wide range of opinions and options… Some people despised Century Arms and Romanian aks, others liked them. From my research, the biggest problems with the century arms was that people were complaining about was from canted sights, poor fit and finish, and loose magazine fit(causing rattle). But supposedly, these issues are on the lower-end Romanian aks($400 range). And, I found a century arms Yugo m70ab2 to be to my liking in both fit and finish, sights and mag fit(bought one of these beauties as well, but I’ll hold off on that one until my next review). So, my beginning hypothesis was that not all aks are created equal.

I have to admit that I didn’t want to spend 1000 on an arsenal ak. But, I was willing to spend more that 400 to 500 and get a better ak than the century arms Romanian. What I was looking for was an ak 47 that was in the “middle of the road” in Quality and price.

I settled on the Interarms ak 47. Got both the poly and the wood. And lovin them both.

- The only difference between the wood and poly is that the poly is a little lighter.
- Both have nice fit and finish, mags hold tight(tested with Bulgarian poly and steel)
- Each rifle came with 1 brand new Bulgarian steel magazine.

- Using Elk River receivers.
- Came with cleaning rods.
- Neither has the scope rail on the side(not a big deal to me)

- Both shot very well.
- Both models are being sold on Atlantic Firearms web site for $549 each
- Limited Lifetime Warrenty (I really liked having more that just a year)

- Uses a 16 inch new chrome lined barrel with removable brake.
(This was a must have for shooting slightly corrosive ammo)
- Ships in padded rifle hardcase.
- Has a bayonet lug.

- Both have a Parkerized finish.
- Rifle feels very tight, like a new gun (put a 100 rounds through to break-in)
- Everyone should disassemble, check, clean and lubricate rifle upon arrival before firing.
“This should be standard rule of thumb when buying a new rifle anyways.”

- I changed the tapco slanted muzzle break to a different better looking tapco break.
- Didn’t notice that much of a performance increase in shooting ease. But, I thought it made the ak look better.

- Comes with a tapco g2 trigger.
- Does not come with bayonet.( But it has the lug)
- Romanian 75 round drum fit perfectly just like the Bulgarian mags.

The rifles are made on imported Egyptian Maadis with US parts. History lesson:

The Maadi is a post ban rifle, manufactured in Cairo on original Russian original tooling – it’s said to be as close to an actual Russian AKM as you can get.

This is the discreption from atlantic firarms web site:
AK47 Rifle Interarms IAC 47 Poly or Wood , These rifles sport Traditional old school features AK47 features built by a solid well know firm Interarms and are backed up by a limited lifetime factory warranty. The IAC 47 P is a great step up from the less expensive Romanian imports but much more affordable than the more expensive Russian AK conversions.

Links to site:

And now for the Range Report!!!!!!!!

- Used only Yugo 7.62x39 surplus ammo (brass, no steel)
- Crisp and solid trigger
- No failures or misfires(total rounds fired -130)
- Took less than 15mins to zero at 25 meters(27.25 yards) using adjustment tool

-Picture above was while zeroing. Iron sites!! Very tight shot group.

- Picture above is after zeroing. Fired quickly but not rapid fired. 2 seconds between shots. Fired in a setting position with support at 25 meters(27.25 yards). Iron sites.

- Picture above was shot at 100 yards (91.44 meters) with iron sites. Noticed that I was shoting high on 1st group. Adjusting point of aim on 2nd group. Fired in a setting supported position with 2 seconds between shots.

- Picture above was shot at 25 meters(27.55 yards)… This was rapid fire, half setting with support and half standing with no support. Wow that was fun!!!

In Conclusion, I will state that the interarms ak 47 is a good option for anyone looking to buy an ak that is better than a century arms Romanian ak but not as expensive as an arsenal. Interarms is a good solid choice.

I would like to thank Atlantic Firearms for the fast shipping and tolerating my questions, Tri cites gun depot for being my ffl(these guys are great – my favorite gun dealer in the tri-cities TN(Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol TN), and a special thanks to: “ The Tank Sherman and son(Our ammo bearer)” for helping me with this review, photos, and for just being there.

Until next time,
justforfun outa here

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Thanks, nice review and great pictures.

I've thought about ordering from Atlantic's website but balk at the thought of buying a firearm from the Internet.
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Great review! The mounting on the side for a scope mount is a must if you think you will add optics or a red dot down the road. My WASR did a 3 group head shot similar to yours at 125yrds with a 9x scope.

Regardless, your review is spot on for most AK patterns. People have said the same for the WASR which is as close to the original as you can get. The similarities are close.
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Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing up the Interarms AK-47 for some time but now kicking myself for not buying before the price went up by $30. I may buy it now before it goes up again!
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Default magazine question

Do you know if you have to get a special type of 30 round extra magazine for the interarms ak 47s or do they take most ak 47s you can buy from different sites on the internet? As they only come with one would be nice to have a spare. Thanks
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I'd like to know the barrel source, and what kind of quality the receiver is. Is the "kit part" matching?

I guess Nodak Spud is the best American receiver?

CHF barrels mean a bunch on a durable assault rifle. Not everything, but preferable. Chrome lined is good though.
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Default About da questions

To Raidersrock on mag questions.

It came with 1 brand new Bulgarian steel mag. I tested with this steel mag, with a Bulgarian poly mag and a Romanian drum. They all seemed to work very well. This is an AK type rifle which means that you can use any kind of AK47 mag. Of course with any ak rifle, some mags work better than others. The 3 types I used in the review worked very well. This is one of the reasons I got a ak 47(don't like the idea of having to buy proprietary mags).

To brianak on barrel.

The barrel is chrome lined(which is a must have for shooting corrosive surplus ammo). This is a good thing to have from what knowledge i have accumulated. Please remember that I am not a guru, but more of a laymen. The barrel is made by green mountain. I saw it stamped on the barrel when i was cleaning it after the review. My reciever was a Elk River(stamped on bottom). I think that I remember reading about the Elk River receivers being good quality. In my inspection, everything looked good. See pics above. On your question of "kit part matching", I don't understand the question(remember I'm a layman). Please give me additional info on what to check and I'll check it with another post for you.

Thank you guys for the above complements on the review(It was the 1st time that I have ever done a review) , I have plans to do more. Especially when we get better weather. Also, I noticed that the price on the interarms ak47 has gone up. Happened not long after I did my review. Better get one before it goes up again. They also make a ak74 version that I was thinking about buying. Anyways, thanks again, and hope you guys check out the next review that i do. And, if your not an NRA member, please join and help protect our 2nd amendment rights.
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Thanks for the review! I am looking at possibly buying this same ak.
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Default cleaning question

Thanks for the info on the mags Just for Fun. I just ordered the wood version today. What kit did you get to clean the Ak. is there a brush or bore snake that fits this rifle or did you make due with something close?
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To AZBUCKEYE... just got an IAC AK 47 from Atlantic Firearms and I'm happy with it. You do have to be careful ordering online, but most people on this site will steer you in the right direction and hopefully keep you away from shady folks.
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The barrels are Green Mountain chrome lined barrels.
The Military Arms Channel on YouTube.
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I think when he is asking if the serial numbers on the trunion and bolt and carrier match
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Default Wow

I can't believe it..lol
I just got a post from the military arms channel guy. Sturmgewehre's Channel
I am a big fan. Love your video's.
Your right up there with the hickok45 and nutnfancy.
If you see this. Please do a video review on this rifle.
I would do it but my ugly mug would probably break the camera. LOL
Also, do a review on the cz75b 9mm pistol. It has become
my favorite for shooting at the range and at bulls eye comp.
You gotta break it in a little, but she gets real smooth.

To raidersrock: I use winchester clp(if its good enough for the us military, its good enough for me)(this is the same clp that i used back when i was in the military and it works really good) and a winchester cleaning kit. It had many different brushes. I just used the one that fit. You can get both of these at local walmart. I did look up info on the net and you can use a .30 cal brush or bore snake.

I know that you'll like the wood version you bought.. Remember to break it in with 100 to 200 rounds. When you get the rifle it will be very tight(like a brand new rifle) might be a little hard to take apart and put back together. But after you break it in the ak will become nice and smooth. And, clean and lubricate it before you take it shooting. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the rifle. Always a good idea to get to know your rifle before you shoot it. Also buy yourself a adjustment tool(for the sights) for the ak. They are cheap. Only about 10 dollars online or gun store.

Remember to thank a vet when you meet one. And buy them lunch. We like when people buy us lunch.
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Default always

Just for Fun
I was active duty Air Force for several years and left a Lt Col. I always thank vets for all they do and shake hands of all the folks I see at the airport etc. What service were you in? I am guessing Marines or Rangers? My brother in law is graduating A and M soon on Army scholarship. He chose Infantry and is going to Ranger School next April. I am proud of all the people who protect freedom and keep me safe.
Really appreciate all the help with the Interarms AK info. I have a
Bushmaster M4A3 "zombie killer" just in case but always wanted an Ak and the Interarms looks like a nice "tweener" between WASR and Arsenal. It should arrive this week and cant wait to test it out. Did you find any good websites or articles on taking it apart and cleaning it?
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Default one more question

oops forgot one more question
where did you get your new Tapco break and is it something you can install yourself or do you need gunsmith? I really like the look of the one you put on.
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To : brianak
Sorry didn't get to answer your question sooner on the parts matching thing. Been out of town. Got back and checked for you, parts numbers located on bolt and bolt carrier didn't match, But, bolt and receiver did. But, i do have to say that the bolt carrier looks brand new. I didn't find a number on the trunion. Maybe my bad eyes or maybe didn't look in the right place. Anyway, I love these rifles.. They are solid and tight like a new gun. Can't wait to get back to the range and shoot them some more with my friends.

To: raidersrock

Hello again. Yep I served my country proudly. Army(Infantry)(Ground Pounder) for 6 years. Loved it. Would have stayed in but had a child to take care of. Best part was the comradery, I always remember the adventures that our platoon had. They were my bothers.

Got the Tapco break for the ak47 from cheaper than dirt.
$12.97 each but they are sold out. Back ordered.
I installed mine on my own. Was very easy to do. Just screwed on.
Like in the review, looks better but didn't notice much difference in recoil
and stuff.
I also researched the net and watched you tube videos on how to do it.
That is one of the greatest things about you tube.
So, if you need info on how to dissemble and clean, put on a muzzle break. Search for it on you tube. And watch video's from others on how to do stuff. Great way to learn.

God bless America. And Good Night!
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Thanks very much for the great review.
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