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Default How does one use the POSP 4x scope

Does anyone here know how to zero and use the POSP scope properly?

Mine did not comd with a manual, I've looked on the net but I get multiple answers. Here is how I think it works, please correct or comment where I am wrong:

To zero:
1. set elevation and windage to "0" for 100m zero
2. shoot group
3. if not zeroed loosen 2 silver screws and rotate reticle on to the group without moving the index marks.
4. Tighten screws and shoot again to ensure proper grouping.

To use after zeroed:
1. Find target range in range finder
2. Set elevation according to range
The rest are not important as I won't be shooting past 350m.
3. Leave windage at 0.

No windage adjustment concerns me. What is the dial there for if you aren't supposed to move it. Also since the scope is offset to the left shouldn't won't the bullet hit left of POI for ranges beyone 100 yards?

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The way I did mine was to set the elevation to "1" for 100 meters, windage to "0". After I shot a group I'd move the reticle to approximately where I was shooting, then loosen the screws and set the knob where I wanted it, tighten.

Also, what are you shooting? I believe most if not all 4x's are cammed for 7.62.54R, but I know the trajectory is similar to .308, and I'm not sure how close the 100 - 350m trajectory is to anything else.

Windage is also for a windy day.
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TIP2s and other military PSO style scopes, as far as my resources go, list the 1 as 100m, as maxxmojo stated.

You can go the 5/8" right zero, as chainbreaker stated. At any range longer than 100m, you're not likely to be able to distinguish the difference anyhow.

Other bet is to zero at 300m. At that range, your angular distance between the offset scope and the bore will be too small to mean much compared to the neccessity of good wind reading, accurate range estimation, and the rifle's mechanical accuracy.
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Your method isn't quite right. You're loosening the screws too early in the process.

See if this helps you. Go here and click on "PSO scope manual" http://www.dragunov.net/manuals.html
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