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Default Replacing furniture on an AK-74

Okay, I've tried the 'search' function and read a bunch of posts with pictures of peoples AK-74s, and I still don't know if I can easily replace my AK-74 stock and handguard with the same stuff I use on my AK-47. This would be a big plus, since I have finally gotten my AK-47 to where it fits me so well that I can get extremely good accuracy at at very high rate of fire from it.

Help me out here - who has replaced their AK-74 furniture with AK-47 parts?
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There is plenty of furniture of bith types AKM and AK74. Depends on what you want to do, the types of rifles you are swapping with, how authentic you want it to look and how much you want to spend. Apex has wood AK74 furniture for $25 and polymer black or plum for $45. K-Var has new USA in NATO or Warsaw length for about $75 to $100. Lots of stuff in between as Ironwood etc.
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I swapped my lower handguard and butt stock with plum AK47 furniture. It was originally a Polish side folder. I had to remove some material -very little- from the lower handguard to get it to fit under the trunnion due to the shape of the Polish trunnion. Obviously, I'm stuck with the original upper guard because of the tang on these Tantals. I need to find a way to make it work too somehow.

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