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Default Norinco underfolder SILE N.Y. import

I have a question about this particular AK. Found it at an estate sale for $800. Left side of receiver is marked AKM/47S SEMI AUTO. Bottom front of magwell is marked Norinco along with importer info. However there are no factory markings such as a triangle with 66, none at all. It has a plum colored bolt assembly as well. I was told the rifle was a prop gun used in the movie "RED DAWN". It was sold to the person I bought it from back in 85. Has anyone heard of these guns floating around out there?
It looks to be an early 80`s import. It has a 6 digit serial # starting with 302xxx. Bottom line is this thing is beautiful and shoots well. It`s a keeper!!!
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There are so called "hollywood" Chinese AK rifles. They are not Sile imports but ProChine and other markings.
Anything is possible but maybe the old adage "buy the gun and not the story" is in order. Maybe that rifle was in Red Dawn but of little matter.

Thread about holloywood guns here.

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I agree. I am happy to have picked it up. I am more curious about the lack of factory markings. Whatever the case it`s a darn good shooter. Thanks for your comment.
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Very nice grab for $800. Congrats.

Sounds like a Type 56S-1 Norinco AKM.

Look here for info:

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