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Default New Intrac MKII


This forum has been a great asset to me as I've built my first few AKs, and as I've learned more about them. I've just picked up another AK, and I was hoping some of you might be able to help me determine it's origins, or at least the origins of the some of the more unusual parts.

The AK-74 in question was a Interac MKII, which from what I gather was one of the earlier AK-74s imported into the country. This one had various mods done to it that I have questions about, and hope some of you might be able to shed light on. First I need to say that this is got to be one of the nicest AKs I've handled, its a sweet little gun, everything moves like a well oiled machine!

First, here's a picture of the gun:



As you can see it's been shorten, the brake has been pinned, and the overall barrel length is right at 16.25. With the folder on it, it makes for a very compact package.

My questions concern some of the parts used on the gun, the first being the rear site. The previous owner and I both felt it could have been a Krebs rear site, but after looking around on Krebs site it doesn't appear to match his current generation, any ideas?


The second is the safety. It has a tab spot welded in place that allows for manipulation via the trigger finger, once again, much like the Kreb's system, but the way it is built is different from what he sells now. I also must say that this the 74 has the sweetest safety I've ever used on an AK, including my Saiga-12. It requires little effort to get it off safe, or back on, its actually quite amazing! So any ideas on where it might have come from?


Next is the brake, see the two pictures below. Any thoughts on it's origins? I can say I'm not much of an expert on these!



Last, is a question about the FCG in the gun. Each piece of the HTS is marked KV. I did a quick search, and found this site:


It appears it's made in California, but that doesn't help me too much. Who made it? I have to say the pull is excellent, and it was good to fine that the parts are indeed US components! Compared to the G2 I was planning on installing, I would say that these pieces are finely machine, compared to the cast nature of G2 parts.

I haven't got it out to shoot yet, that will come Friday morning I hope, but from looking it over, I'm sure it will shoot great! If my 2 G-series AKs that I built run as well as they do, I can only imagine how this guy will do!
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Like I replied in ar15.com and sent your post to many friends at www.ak-47.net and www.akforum.net (STEEL CORE/xarmy96) over there, you have a nice rifle with strange but functional modifications to a 1997 import. Post this link to those two above mentioned "Romanian Forums" on those web sites and you'll get more replies.............I have one 1997 MKII and love it.
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Will do, thanks cadillac!
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