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Default Yugo Wood Stock Compatibility?

Hello All,

While waiting for my yugo m70b1 w/ wood stock to arrive, I want to look at what my options are as far as alternative stocks. From what I've read, the yugo's have a different rear trunnion because of the thicker receiver, and thus it's not a straight drop in of other stocks.

Is it possible to fit other AK stocks in a yugo? If not, can it be done with minor sanding?

If it's not as simple as minor sanding, can you tell me what the differences are between it and another AK, like a Romanian.

I see that there is a side folding Romanian stock, would this possibly fit?

Can't wait to try my hand at making some homemade stocks too. The smaller size of the individual pieces makes it a heck of alot easier to find proper sized wood, and cheaper!
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Your not going to be able to use anything but Yugo style furniture with a Yugo. Romanians, polish, bulgarian, all use regular combloc style parts. Tito however wanted to be different and so Yugo arsenals did their own thing.

You can see from the pic below, the Yugo's are more like an early milled buttstock, but use an internal bolt to attach to the rear trunnion. The comloc (polish, russian, bulgarian, romanian etc) use 2 screws that come from the top of the rear trunnion.

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Could you file/sand down a standard AK trunnion to fit in a Yugo fixed receiver and then use standard wood?

That was what I was considering doing with my M95, but went with standard B70 fixed stock.
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Shucks. Thanks for the quick reply and pictures!!!

Do you think the Yugo buttstock attachment is stronger than the combloc style? Trying to figure which style is more durable.

Also, from the picture, it seems like you screw a bolt from the trunnion into the stock, or is there supposed to be a bolt in the stock, but it's not pictured.

Is there an nut inside that buttstock, or is the bolt just a screw that goes into the wood?
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The Yugo stock is actually better than most other AK stocks, its heavier cause its 1.5" longer and its TEAK not some of the lighter woods used with some of the AKM stocks, ya can adapt most milled AK stocks if ya really want to change it but........... ya'll be downgrading
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I wonder if you could chop off a yugo sks stock's butt off and make it fit, are they even the same type of wood? the yugo ak stocks kinda remind me of an enfield stock.
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You will spend a whole bunch of time and effort to "create" a Yugo stock.
Adapting another AK style stock to a Yugo would be difficult unless you have wood working skills/tools and can drill the stock properly for the long threaded rod/screw that runs the length of the Yugo stock and into the trunnion. Drilling on a normal AK stock will be difficult because the wood is already inletted/drilled for a buttstock cleaning kit and the Yugo is not.
Changing trunnions would be a lot of work as the two are different and the hole alignment as well.
If you must swap or get new stocks for a Yugo then go here:
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Teak is a tropical wood. Yugoslavia isn't located in the tropics and never imported tropical teakwood for their arms. I've heard some reports that Mitchel's Mausers and their hyped-up advertising are responsible for the myth of Yugo "teak" stocks.

The wood is Carpathian Elm. When quarter-sawn, it does have that nice grain like teak, and is heavy like Teak. A quality wood with great eye appeal, in any case.

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Got this from Ironwooddesigns.
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