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Default Brake cleaner OK on wood and metal to clean off cosmoline?

I just bought my first AK, actually it is a "Romanian WASR-10 AK47 7.62x39 High Capacity" .

I have purchased several Mauser bolt action guns that I then had to completely clean (because of the cosmoline that was on everthing).
I used brake cleaner on those, but I knew I was dealing with blued steel.

Can I use brake cleaner on the metal on my Romie Ak47? I know it is stamped steel (sounds better than sheet metal). Is the finish on the receiver the same as on the barrel (blued)?

It is actually pretty well wiped down. Should I go ahead and do a field strip to be sure the gas tube or piston isn't caked in grease or ?

I am a big fan of Break Free as a cleaner and lubricant. Does it work okay with the AK47?

I have wanted an AK47 for about 10 years, so when I heard about the possible assault weapon ban in Congress, I got one before the price went skyhigh.

One last question, is the Romanian WASR-10 High Capacity a pretty good AK47?
I paid $359 at a gunstore.

Thanks for your help.
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Before you spray the wood, I would test a hidden area to make sure the cleaner doesn't take off the finish. Some AKs use paint as the finish. I don't know if this includes the WASR-10.

Use the Break-free with confidence. Some people on this board claim they never lube "because it's an AK" and we're for some reason supposed to abuse our babies.

The price seems about right to me. You can find cheaper prices online, but then you'll have to pay S&H and a FFL to do the transfer. You also don't get to touch before you buy.

Welcome to our insanity!

-- GLA
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The brake cleaner will strip the wood. I use it anyway to get the cosmoline and oil out of the wood before I strip it the rest of the way and refinish.

the brake cleaner won't strip the finish off if the finish is worth anything. Most likely it will be fine. At least i've never had a problem.

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Default cleaner

Mineral spirits and a paint brush work well.
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I have a Mosin that came with some much cosmoline on it, that I used acetone to strip it down. EVEN THE STOCK. Then I just set it in the sun for an hour and it magically refinishes itself The stock has been bleeding for years, I kind like it now that I am used to it.
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remove the furniture before any brake cleaner!!! lol. heard warm or hot water does it! but it couldn't hurt to use brake cleaner if u removed the wood.
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Murphy's Wood Soap, cuts through cosmoline on wood and metal without damage. Safer to use than brake cleaner or mineral spirits.
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