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Default AK74 Twenty round mag

I needed a shorter mag for my AK74 (VEPR 5.45) and couldn't find any to buy, so I chopped up a Tapco 30-rounder (at point -D-) to make a 20 round mag.

The original Tapco base-plate was too fat to be used at this part of the magazine, so I took a base-plate from a 10-round Molot 7.62x39 mag (exact same dimensions as from a ((21)) mag). To get that to go on, I had to narrow the horizontal rib by filing down until I got a snug slide on. Next, I had to file a slot in the vertical rib (at point -C-). I later found that I needed to make that slot deeper for proper mag function. Without the deeper slot there, it was causing binding and the mag wouldn't feed past the 1st round.

In order to get the locking tab to work on the base plate, I needed to grind a divot into the floor-plate (at point -B-). Also, to get the floor-plate to fit inside the mag body, I needed to file down the sides in the back (around point -A-) on both sides as there's an internal rib that runs on the inside of the mag body towards the back of the mag.

I didn't cut the spring. Loading the mag doesn't appear to require any more effort than in loading a regular mag. Tools used were a hacksaw to make the original mag cut, a large file to get the right thickness on the new bottom ledge, a fine file to create a slot above the bottom ledge and a Dremel with a course sanding drum to create the divot. I also used the large flat file to trim the sides of the floor plate to fit in the mag body.

The final picture shows the modified Tapco mag on top of a standard mil 30 rounder.

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Nice job on the TAPCO mod.

You can also cut down a metal 30 round AK74 to 20 rounds as well.

instructions here>

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Thanks AKBLUE. I was searching for directions like this and couldn't find any. Admittedly, I wasn't thinking metal mags and I wasn't wanting to cut any of my Bulgarian/Russian mags. I had the Tapco mags already, so at least 1 of them is put to good use. I guess I now have to buy some Tantal mags . The only change I'd make from that tutorial is I have sheet metal Vice-Grips that should make short work of the bend and also take the ridges out of the newly formed bottom lip.
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Molet makes 15 round magazines for certain countries where the Vepr is sold. One member here in Georgia, the country not the state, has one. Tula made a limited run of 20 round magazines for the Krinkov.
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Why not just buy 10 round saiga magazines? or do they have problems?
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Thank you very much for the tutorial, made one.

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