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Default Persian 8mm Mauser ammo in stock. Worth it?

I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the old Persian 8mm Mauser surplus ammo. J&G seems to have it in stock for a decent price:


It says to expect "hangfires/duds" Is it worth getting a cheap Mauser rifle and investing in this caliber for "plinking" fun? I realize that I would never want to use this ammo for self-defense due to reliability. I am just talking about using it for target practice.

Anyone have any experience with this ammo?
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I understand it to be corrosive as hell ( just an FYI) circa 1950's I believe



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That is some pretty old surplus. Always remember that pictures can be decieving and some of the ammo may be in pretty rough shape. The price is pretty cheap for 8mm (less than 7.62X39 now). I've never shot any Persian stuff in my Mauser, but as the seller says, I wouldn't expect every round to go bang. Duds and hang-fires a pain, but as long as this is just range ammo, it's not that big a deal, as long as you realize the potential for hang-fires.

As you probably know, if it doesn't go boom after the firing pin strikes the primer, don't try to extract the round immedaitely or you might get an out of battery detination (which could cause serious injury or death). I would wait 30 seconds or so and if the round didn't fire, I would extract it.
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Thanks for the input. They say 1930's production to be exact. That is some really old ammo. But being cheaper than 7.62x39 it is certainly tempting.

SOG has 8mm Mausers for $200 plus shipping. I think it might be a better alternative than the cheap Steyr 95/34 rifles in 8x56R caliber that is impossible to find. The rifle is half the price, but will only make a wall hanger if you can't find ammo to shoot out of it!
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Big thing with the Mauser is the firing pin strength, check out all the reviews on Midway after people up'd their spring to 22 or 24 lbs.

My brother had some light primer strikes on some surplus ammo from the 50's(about 1 out of 4), might have even been the Persian stuff, swap out the spring and it all works.
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One thing to check with ALL MilSurp rifles...break down the bolt assembly and clean THOROUGHLY. Importers MIGHT clean the cosmoline off of the outside...VERY RARELY do they clean the bolt, and the cosmoline acts like a really good glue. A good bolt breakdown and a good cleaning might preclude the need for a new firing pin spring.
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It's a good price for that ammo. You'll get some duds but still worth it for the price I think.
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