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Default WTS: Valmet M62 Green Waffle Mags + Valmet Hunter, M76, & M78 Mags + Other Goodies!

I import directly from Finland. I am selling:

Scarce Valmet M62 "green waffle" (polymer) 30 round 7.62 x 39 magazines! Used, but in nice hand-picked condition! (Some have scratched floorplates and most have shiny rear lugs, indicating that they have been used.) These will also fit in AK-47s and clones. 40 available in this batch! My last batch of 35 waffle magazines sold out in just one week, so don't hesitate! (#ZZ-462) $38 each, or $35 each of you buy 3 or more, or just $32 each of you buy 10 or more.

Valmet M62 30 round, rectangluar "lanyard loop" 7.62 x 39 magazine, steel, 80% original finish. (Finish is worn mainly on the high points such as the reinforcing ribs, sides of floorplate, and the top portion that contacts the magazine well.) Only ONE left! (#UP-062) $40

Scarce Valmet M71S/M76/Hunter .223 cleaning/maintenance kits. These are scarce, brand new, unissued M76 maintenance kits , consisting of:
*Two piece, steel .223 cleaning rod with folding handle
*Oiling brush
*.223 Brass patch screw
*Small oil bottle
*Sight key
*Canvas pouch
They can be used with other .223 caliber rifles. Only TWO available!
(#ZZ-354) $55 each.

Valmet "Guards Regiment" Slings. Fits: M62 /M71S / M76 / M78 / M82. Original Finnish white-painted leather parade dress slings. Used condition. Very rarely seen in the U.S. Only five left. Just $8 each!

Valmet green leather slings. These fit: M62 /M71S / M76 / M78 / M82. Original Finnish FDF-issue slings in very good to excellent condition. Only a few left from my latest batch of 12, in the following variations:
*No M62 detachable clip. (#EE-427N) SOLD OUT!
*With M62 "slow-detachable" (early issue) clip. (#EE-427S) Just TWO left!: $30 each
*With M62 "quick-detachable" (late issue) clip. (#EE-427Q) Just ONE left!: $35

Valmet M76/82/Hunter .223 12 (or 15?) round magazines. These are excellent to new condition original Valmet magazines. Only 8 left. (#CR-424) $85 each, or $80 each of you buy 3 or more.

Valmet Hunter/M76 .308 5 round magazines. These are brand new original Valmet-made blued magazines with nickel-plated followers. 17 available! (#ZZ-425) $80 each, or $75 each of you buy 3 or more.

Valmet Hunter/M76 .308 20 round magazine. Converted original Valmet-made blued M78 magazine with nickel-plated follower that was expertly converted to M76 (or Hunter) configuration by milling off the side plates and the silver-gray Robar NP3 (Nickel-Teflon) coated for corrosion resistance and self-lubrication. This work was all done by the Robar Company. Only one left! (#ZZZ-425) $220

Valmet M76 .308 25 round magazines! These are brand new original IMI-made Galil 25 round "waffle" magazines I had professionally converted and refinished to fit and function in Valmet M76s and Valmet Hunters!!! Six of these are already reserved for a customer, so just four more will be available. (#EBR-423) $190 each, or $180 each of you buy 3 or more.

VERY RARE Valmet Hunter .30-06 nine round magazines! These are brand new original Valmet magazines, blued with nickel plated followers. Only six available. I bought the very last few available in this caliber from SAKO. Last chance! There will be NO MORE! (#ZZ-426) $200 each, or $190 each of you buy 3 or more. ALL ARE NOW PENDING SALE!

Valmet M78 .308 20 round brightly blued steel original Valmet-made magazines with nickel plated followers. Note: This type of magazine fits BOTH Valmet M78 .308s with stamped AND milled receivers. (They can also be converted to use in M76 Valmet .308s and Valmet Hunters if you mill off the side plates.) Now just left from a recent batch. Two of them are in like new condition: (No signs of use, and just a hint of shipment wear.) $225 each postage paid. Four are in excellent condition (These show very minor bullet tip marks and evidence that they've been in a rifle, but otherwise nearly new!) $220 each postage paid or $190 each if you buy all four. JPEG photos available upon request. The last one is in more used condition (90% finish and has more pronounced bullet tip dents and one small dent in the side that does not impede follower travel.) This one is priced right at just $180 postage paid. (#ECL-050)

Valmet M78 steel .308 20 round charcoal gray magazine with "crown" marks! (These fit ONLY stamped receiver M78s.) Excellent condition. Gray parkerized. Now only two left! (#ELR2-308) $180 each.

Valmet M76/M78 pistol grip. Excellent to new condition, original Valmet made, checkered black plastic. Only one available. (#PL-308) $60

Scarce Valmet M76/M78 handguards. Very good+ condition, original Valmet made, checkered black plastic. These look like new except for some slight scratches on the bottom--from bench shooting. Only one pair available. (#ZAR-309) $130 for the pair

Coming in April: Three Original Valmet M62 Armorer's Manuals. Text is in Finnish. Profusely illustrated. Very rarely seen in the U.S.! (#UC-675) These will be $50 each.

Coming in May: 25 Valmet M76 .223 30 round magazines! These are brand new black Bulgarian polymer "waffle" .223 magazines that are being professionally converted for me by Tony Rumore of Tromix Lead Delivery Systems to ft and function flawlessly in Valmet M76 and Valmet Hunter .223s. (#BL-676) These will be $75 each.

Bulgarian black "waffle" polymer magazines for 7.62 x 39 AK-47s and clones. Brand new. Now only four left! (#EN-762). $25 each, or $23 each of you buy all four, and I will include a free brand new East German "quad" raindrop pattern camouflage canvas carrying pouch!

Payment Terms and Ordering Instructions:

Except for coin or bullion orders, all prices quoted INCLUDE postage and Delivery Confirmation tracking to the lower 48 States, assuming that each order is $50 or more. (If less than $50, I will provide a postage quotation.) Overseas orders: Query for a postage cost quotation.

I take payment via USPS money orders (payable to Jim Rawles), or even greenback cash on small orders. (NO checks!) I also accept pre-1965 mint date U.S. silver coinage (dimes, quarters, or half dollars) at the very advantageous rate of 5 times face value, or 6 times face value for silver dollars! (To pay in silver coinage, take the total for your order, and divide by 5. Hence, if your order totals $50, you would mail me just $10 face value in silver coins dated 1964 or earlier.) If sending cash, be sure to wrap it in paper so that it cannot be seen through the envelope. If sending silver coinage, be sure to mail it in a sturdy, rattle-free box, INSURED! Send cash at your own risk.

PayPal payments are accepted--reluctantly. I don't like using this service because they adopted anti-firearms policies after they were acquired by the ultra-liberal EBay company. Add 3.5% to your total if paying via PayPal.

If paying via USPS money order or cash, use this address:

James Wesley, Rawles
c/o 3983 So. McCarran Blvd. #200
Reno, Nevada 89502 USA

PLEASE e-mail me to confirm and hold stock before sending funds!

All items are first come, first served.

Best Regards,

James Wesley, Rawles <><

P.S.: In addition to cash deals, I will pay cash/gold/silver for, or I'm willing to trade for any of my listed items for:

Modern Guns Wanted for my Personal Collection:
IMPORTANT NOTE: I only buy modern guns from fellow Nevada citizens. (Private party sales only!!!)
High quality stainless steel .45 ACP Stainless Colt M1911s and top qulaity clones.
Remington 700 .308 stainless with synthetic stock
Pre-ban Belgian FN/FAL rifles
Pre-ban L1A1 rifles (especially Lithgow L1A1As -- Impoprted by Eden Imports.)
Pre-ban Valmet rifles
Pre-ban original HK-91 rifles--but only if priced reasonbly!
FN-49 Rifles (mainly Argentine .308 variants)

Antique Guns Wanted for my Personal Collection or for Resale:
Webley Mk. I .455 (or .45 ACP conversion) Revolvers in tight mechanical condition
Colt Single Action Army (SAA) and Bisleys with serial #s between 165,000 and 182,000
Other Pre-1899 Colt cartridge revolvers (.41, .44, and .45 only)
Pre-1899 S&W top break cartridge revolvers (.38 and .44 only)
Merwin Hulbert revolvers (.38 S&W or .44-40 only)
Pre-1899 Swedish Mauser Rifles, Short Rifles, and Carbines (1898-dated or earlier, ONLY)
Model 1895 Chilean contract Mauser carbines and short rifles made by Ludwig Loewe
Schmidt Rubin (Swiss) Rifles. Model 1896/11 only (serial # under 236,500 only)
Winchester Model 1894 carbines or short rifles in .30-30 with serial # below 147685
Winchester Model 1897 pump-action 12 gauge shotguns with serial # below 63633

Original Magazines Wanted:
Original SIG AMT or SIG 510 .308 10 and 20 round steel magazines
Original Valmet .308 (M76/M78 or Hunter) 5, 9, or 20 round magazines
Original Valmet (Fiskars or Hackman) bayonets (with green or cream colored sheath)
Original FN-49 .308 (Argentine) 20 round magazines
Original U.S.G.I. M1911 pistol magazines--WWII or earlier
Schmidt Rubin (Swiss) rifle magazines (Model, 1889, 1889/96 or 96/11 , or K31)

Misc. Items Wanted:
.303 British ammo--non-corrosive only, soft nose or FMJ ball--prwefr on stripper clips.
Original SIG AMT or SIG 510 parts and accessories
Antique gun leather and saddlebags (Heiser, Menea, et cetera). Especially seeking tooled or studded pieces.
Precious metals (Bullion coins or PCGS/NGC slabbed gold or silver AU58+ U.S. numismatic coins)
Valmet parts and accessories
FAL or L1A1 Locking Shoulders (I will buy 1 or 100! I pay up to $13 each!)
British L1A1 parts sets or barrels (with gas blocks) in nice condition
Australian L2A1 (heavy barrel) parts, bipods, top covers, or parts sets
Rare or unusual L1A1 or FN/FAL parts and accessories--especially 30 round magazines
Unusual U.S. arsenal made 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win.) ammo (tracer, duplex, incendiary, APIT, etc.)
Trijicon 4x40 or 3-9x40 pre-1997 production "three color" tritium scopes.
Jim Rawles
Editor of SurvivalBlog.com

Author of the FN/FAL FAQ and the pro-gun novel "Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse"

website: http://SurvivalBlog.com
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