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Default Pro Gun Rights Essay Written by My 8th Grade Daughter

My daughter wrote this pro-gun essay in her 8th grade English class complete with bibliography. Her teacher had one girl take the gun control side while she got the pro-gun side, which made her happy. She loves shooting with me and I am very proud of her.

Here's what she wrote:

Gun Ownership Should Not Be Tightly Controlled

Guns are mistaken as evil weapons where actually, they can save lives. Gun ownership should not be tightly controlled. Guns can hurt people, but it’s not really the gun, it’s whoever pulls the trigger. The weapons cannot be personified as evil because guns can’t fire themselves. They can actually save people and their families if used for a good purpose. Guns are really tools that just need to be used correctly and by the right person. The gun’s purpose is controlled by the user, not itself.

Gun control laws do not lower, but increase gun murder rate or crimes. In 1968, when Hawaii enforced strict laws on guns the murder rate was 2.4 per 100,000 per year. After nine years, it tripled to 7.2 per 100,000. In 1976, Washington D.C.’s murder rate rose to 134% while the USA murder rate dropped 2%. Criminals target areas with weak defenses, otherwise gun controlled areas. They know that those places have fewer guns meaning their defense is weaker.

Areas that have more gun freedom have less crime than areas with strict gun laws. 40% of the homes in the US own guns. Since 2006 in Virginia, guns sales have increased by 73% and violent crimes with guns have gone down 27%. For example, obtaining a gun in Sandpoint, North Idaho, is very easy and there are almost no gun related deaths in Bonner County. Yet, in Chicago and Washington D.C., they have strict gun control laws and a high crime rate.

The people are the real danger, not guns. “Maybe our efforts should be refocused on deranged people, not guns,” says Terry Garlock. It’s not the way the gun is made, it’s the way it’s used and who it’s used by that determines its purpose. “Guns don’t kill; people kill,” says Maria Langer. Guns really don’t kill people. They are tools that certain people chose to help them kill people. Another example would be the man in Aurora, Colorado who used a gun that he had. He could’ve used any other weapon to assist him such as a knife. It all depends on the person and how easy the tool is to obtain.

However, many people disagree with the idea of owning a lot of guns in general. They believe that gun laws need to be stricter. They think the government should impose these laws and restrictions on citizens. Even though some guns should be more controlled when it comes to ownership, such as assault rifles, people need to defend themselves. Regular citizens, not cops, kill 2000–3000 criminals a year. New Jersey had very strict gun laws in 1996. After two years their murder rate rose 46% and the rate of robberies there was close to doubling. This shows that not all guns should be banned from our use. If there is ever an emergency, our lives may depend on a gun.

The gun’s purpose is controlled by the user, not itself. No matter how much control we have on them, there will always be crime. The areas with less enforced gun laws can better defend themselves from these crimes. People will hurt each other, not guns. Guns can’t walk or talk like we do. They are only tools that we use, ones that either save or hurt people. In the end, it lies in the hands of the wielder of the gun to decide whether or not they’ll use it for right or wrong reasons. It’s the choice of the person, not the gun. Guns can’t fire themselves, there’s always someone there to pull the trigger.


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Stein, Ben. "Ben Stein: Stricter gun laws won't cut shootings." Sunday Morning. CBSNews, 19 2012.Web. 9 Dec 2012. .

. "USA Gun Control."Offshore Legal Associates.N.p..Web. 6 Dec 2012. .
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Nicely worded.
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Shadow Walker
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Pretty good for an 8th grader!

Remember "In the Land Of Sheep, the Wolf is King...no matter how poorly armed".

Obviously, the Sheep should be allowed to own any weapon they want. Think how easy then it will be to kill the Wolf.
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Virtus Sola Nobilitas
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Good job. she should have finished by saying: " and anyone who wants to take them away and tries will have their head blown off!"

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An 8th grader gets it but Feinstalin can't.
Well said young lady. That should be published and let them argue those facts. That essay deserves a hearty HELL YEAH!!!!

Image Courtesy of Hamrhed
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The Sarge
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This is outstanding. Who do we contact to republish? I would like to put this in our local paper and give the author full credit of course.
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Trying to Get a Grip
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I'm a bit worried about liberals ripping into her. I'd just as soon not run her name. She's too young to find herself surrounded my media trying to unfairly label her.

My daughter said "A Concerned Eighth Grader" is fine by her.

She read all the comments and is very happy right now :-)
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We have the largest selection of AK pistol grips for 922r compliance in the world plus specialty Vepr and Yugo furniture
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armed infidel
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Very nice. Hopefully it sparked interest in other youngsters.
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Navan Johnson
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Kudos to your daughter, you need to take her out to a meal of her choice!!!
I've been told I'm a jerk...
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lost boy
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Very nice! its up to us to teach our kids whats right and wrong. Hope she gets a good grade.
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Darn good work! I just hope the teacher isn't biased and will consider both view points equally. She really thought this out and put some good facts into it, she should be proud.
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