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Default Texas Weapon Systems Dog Leg Scope Rail Gen 2 ~ Any Reviews? Worth Trying?

Hello all,
I have been complaining of the rear stock sights on a Yugo AK (both fixed and Underfolder stock). It was recommended to me that I give this rail a try in combination,ton with the peep sight. Thr added ability to possibly use a small red dot has its appeal too.

My question, how solid/reliable is it? I realize that the AK isn't a pecision shooter and the stock sight have their limitations, however if this rail is a POS like some of thr other AK cover rails, perhaps I can save myself the trouble.

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I think it's an excellent product. While not perfect, it is close. Red dots and the peep sight will hold zero, the rail is very solid. I can't comment on what mounting a scope would be like, but i would think that the results would be pretty damn good as well. The added sight radius with a peep sight will make you a much more accurate shooter.

The AKARS rail is also another option, and while not as proven as the TWS Rail it seems to be getting good reviews as well. I don't have any personal experience with the AKARs rail.
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It's the best thing since sliced bread! Ive got one on my SLR 95 and after many rounds Ive never had to adjust scope after I first sighted it in. I need to get that peep sight next. Good Luck
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Works like a charm...Buddy has one on a Draco. Holds zero to say the least.
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There's an 80+ page thread on arfcom about it.
Seems to be well liked by those who own them.
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I've got one, solid now after using red loc-tite on the adjustment screws (blue wouldn't hold it for no reason).

I have doubts about long-term ABUSE, but it's good for the most part I think.
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+1 from me. I put it on a Bulgy SSR85 with peep sights and LOVE IT.
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I got one for a sgl and i love it, Holds zero great and very sturdy.
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Is there any co-witness with a low mounted red dot?
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I use the PA micro dot with fixed base and it was cowitnessed as soon as I put it on.
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