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David Teague
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Where did you get the handguard and buttstock?
Fulton Armory sells them.
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Originally Posted by Maxbob View Post
Awesome. What best way to shine up those handgaurds ?
I don't know. That's the way they came in the parts kits.
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The second one over is a 20 incher. No name, no markings barrel, Sun Devil billet upper, Noreen billet lower. The barrel is a mystery piece that I have no clue about it's stats. I do know that its pretty accurate for the limited time I've had with it at the range. It's got a tasco 40x on it now that got a TV screen field of view with coated optics that are waterproof. It's actually a decent scope for a Tasco.

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Running strong...been loving this build for awhile now.


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