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Memetic Warfare Group
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I had a uspalm mag and grip. Sold them both, because I stumbled into a pile of chinese flatbacks at $5 a piece, and the uspalm was too narrow at the top for my hands. I have long fingers and big hands, so a hogue with a slip on handall over it fits better
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Originally Posted by The Truth
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Originally Posted by brawny View Post
If everyone and their brother is selling plasma for these Us Palm grips, why did they go out of business?
Originally Posted by amadeus76 View Post
US Palm lived and died with their magazines. They made a good grip that a lot of people liked, but there were and are still a lot of quality grips on the market. Once Magpul came out with a cheaper mag that was still quality (and looked much better IMO) the writing was on the wall.
There was a lot of things at play that led to the downfall of US Palm. One of the big ones was they initially lied about their gen 1 mags being metal lined in certain places, and were outed when someone cut them open and called them on it. They fixed that but when it was all said and done a lot of people had soured on them as a company....and rightfully so.

They made a pretty decent chest rig, which they almost had to do since their mags either barely fit or didn't fit in a lot of other AK rigs and pouches. I had one sometime around the 2011 timeframe and ran it in a class and found it just had too much material, rode too low, and didn't fit me all that well. It was well made, it just didn't work for me.

Their grips are kinda like current banned AK's, most people over looked them when they were on every gun store shelf and catalog and then went full retard when they were no longer readily available. I've seen the real ones go for $80-125, definitely not worth that. I still have one of the originals on a rifle and while it is my favorite AK grip, it's still a $25 grip that works well for some people and not so much for others. The PTS grips, which were officially licensed from US Palm when US Palm was still in business, are a good replacement for the same money the originals cost back in the day.
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Khyber Customs
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Originally Posted by Hizzie View Post
Khyber Customs sell a laminated wood version that is dead sexy.
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Those Khyber wood grips are sick. Another polymer option that seems to get overlooked is Mission First Tactical’s Engage AK Grip with interchangeable straps. I put one on my new 74 build and with 3 different options for your front strap and 3 different options for your back strap, it’s wicked versatile to say the least So far I love it!
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Originally Posted by MudEagle View Post
After reading this thread I had to check out one of the PTS Palms. I've purchased a couple PTS-licensed things in the past and they were always of a noticeably lower quality plastic than the actual items they are a copy of, but have all been still quite functional for range blasting.

The PTS Palm grip linked above is a dead-ringer for the real thing, as shown in the photos above, both in terms of shape and basic quality.

I do notice a difference in the feel of the material it is made of, though. The two grips feel about equal weight, but the PTS material is slightly more slick/slippery than the US Palm grip.

Generally happy with the purchase based on initial eval and installation, and given that US Palm is gone and no new grips are coming from them...ever. Given the choice, I'd rather buy the authentic US Palm, but in the absence of that choice, we shall see.
I also purchased one and was coming to review it, but this sums it up. I'll probably have mine stippled to up the grip factor. It still good with gloves on, as-is.
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Old 08-07-2018, 08:17 PM   #41
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Ok, out of curiosity I took a chance on the PTS. I’m satisfied ‘but’...

The grip feels good. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt a US Palm grip on my hand. I replaced mine with the FAB Defense and sold them off years ago. If only I’d known... Anyway I’d forgotten how comfortable the US Palm grip was. The walls of the grip are suitably thick and will almost certainly hold up well. However, the roof where the screw goes thru needs some beefing up. More on that later... Someone mentioned the texture wasn’t as pronounced as the real grips and they’re probably right but the texture is suitable and nothing to complain about.

The package comes with the grip and two different lengths of screw, one for airsoft guns and one obviously for AK grip nuts. It’s like they know with US Palm defunct people would look for an alternative. It also comes with a couple of locking washers for the airsoft screw. Installation is straightforward but I did need to do some minor fitting. The forward part of the grip that fits snug around the trigger guard was too tight so I had to file it down a bit. Being this is for an AK and minor fitting of parts is the norm this was hardly a big deal. Moving on I found that the AK screw was soft and it was too easy to warp the threads. This made installation a painful but still manageable. Luckily the grip nut is hard enough to rethread the screw pitch properly. I eventually screwed the grip in only to find the screw head, being just slightly bigger than the hole and the roof being thin around the edges, chewed thru the roof. I dug thru my tool box and found a steel washer that would fit inside the grip and beef up the foundation and reinstalled the grip proper. Other than that it fit fine.

Installed the grip feels solid and robust. I’ve banged it around some and there are no signs of any damage or threat of the grip failing. I don’t think I’ll have any issues but the screw chewing thru the hole does give me slight pause. I will probably buy a couple more to put on my other rifles but I will definitely keep my FAB grips on standby until I’ve had the opportunity to really bang the rifle around without it failing.

It’s funny, of all the failed products from defunct companies this is the one item that AK shooters are screaming for. You’d think that someone would buy the rights and start producing them again. Until then this grip (with a washer) is the next best thing.

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Good review. I forgot to mention that- I, too, needed to fit mine around the trigger guard area. I didn't realize that the included screw was the correct size. I used one from a Magpul grip, and also had to add a random washed I found on my bench.
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