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Originally Posted by 1biggun View Post
Well that's certainly a valid Point if you are stuck on a AK 101 only.
There are 223 AK variants avaliable but no argument there not a 101 that is the topic of the thread.

Are there AK 74's being imported in I thought the answer was no.
I'm sure a AK 101 can be found if you want it bad enough.
Iirc kvar just got another surprise shipment of 104s a week or two ago, so yeah they're still coming into the country. I don't see that changing any time soon.

The MANY uses of an AK cleaning kit and rod

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Originally Posted by chknfkr View Post
The underlying problem withthe early 106s was the selector stop was the incorrect thickness. I don't remember if it was too thick or too thin, but it set the bag height incorrectly. This is what caused the feeding issues.

It's no surprise as the 106s are a hodge podge of stamped and milled parts, AK74 and AKM parts. While Arsenal does make 100 percent 5.56 native guns for their own military, they are all milled. The 106 exists only to sell to Americans.
Thanks for the info.
I'd never she'll out a grand for one anyway but it's good to know what's up .

Not looking for a 100 page argument.

I recall some feed issues.
I went looking for AK 101s and saw Kvar had t106's
Seems like it should not be hard to offer a GTG 223 import.
I never had issues making me crap run. You Would THINK A Factory Would Know If It feeds right or not.

Im.actualy glad there are still some 74's coming in. Glad to be wrong on that.
I don't hate the gun or the round . Never have
The more here the more a market for ammo and the better off all of us are.
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I love my 104 and my 106 both are fun. The 106 is fun to shoot with my ar friends.
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I'm with you texasdave, my M90np is one solid AK in 5.56, the best in my opinion, anyway I I enjoy shooting it a lot, right next to my polish tantal LOL !!!!!!
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FTW .223 AK!
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Originally Posted by corruptgarage View Post
Early ones had issues with the feed ramp being too small and would cause feeding issues. Many of them had their ramps widened by arsenal under warranty. Later ones were fixed out the box. They are gtg. I have two myself. Favorite AK by far.
How does one tell IF he/she has a later SLR106 with the wider feed ramps?
Originally Posted by nalioth View Post
AKs that require a recoil buffer to function are BROKEN.
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Get both, 5.45X39 and 5.56X45.
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