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Default Phenomenal Prices on 5.56 Self-Defense Rds

Folks, I have posted here previously on the great deals I have received at Bone Frog Gun club. Thought I would share some of the latest deals.


5.56 T2 TAP 75gr: 100 Rds $70
.223 Speer GDSP 75gr: 500 Rds $279
.223 Hornady Steel Match 75gr BTHP: 500 Rds $169

Honorable mention HST 147gr: 50Rds $17.75
CCI Mini Mag 40gr 100 Rds $6.30

Shipping from Arizona to near East Coast added about 15% to order amount.

You tuber Chopoing Bloc, who now does gel testing w TFB, tested the Speer 75gr GDSP and got excellent penetration AND expansion w this round. Here are the numbers from my notes. "neck" refers to the distance bullet travels prior to expansion or fragmentation and generally shorter is better.

Choppin Bloc 75gr GDSP 11.5" barrel 2,370 fps 19.5"; max .563" min .305"; 1" neck
Choppin Bloc 75gr GDSP 20" barrel 2,775 fps 15.2"; max .686" min .382" ; 1" neck

For the price of $.56 per round this is a heckuva buy on a round that provides acceptable results in a short barrel and outstanding results in more traditional barrel lengths. (Some will find 19.5" of penetration is too high, but w a rifle in my hands to assist shot palcem that is acceptable to me, and is an issue only w the short barrel.)

I have not investigated it's accuracy or performance over distance as I have other rounds for engaging targets outside of 350 yds, but I am betting it's gtg on man size targets inside that distance.

Separately, I have gotten GREAT results out of the Hornady 75gr Steel Match. Both out of ARs and my SLR-106 FR.

I have bought it at Bone Frog in the past and thought these prices were gone. Hopefully it means that Hornady has loaded up the pipeline as this is cheaper than even brass case mil spec ammo.

For those not familiar with it, Hornady Steel Match uses standard Hornady copper plated lead bullets and standard Hornady propellant, but uses steel cases to save money.

So no issues w "shooting steel down an AR barrel" (and not to be a dick but if you are worried about the steel cases damaging your extractor, which it really won't, then you have bigger issues lol)

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Thank you sir. Been looking for a source for that 75gr Hornady training ammo that doesn't require you to be LE. Ordered a couple thousand rounds for the ammo fort. Appreciate the heads up on these guys. Reviews from around the web seemed to be all positive so I rolled the dice. 34cpr shipped to my door for what amounts to be steel cased TAP ammo.
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I've ordered from them a couple times, they seem like good people. And the prices on the HST are very nice!
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Yeah I had a tracking number the very next day.

It's hard to beat that Hornady Steel Match at that price.
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