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Default State of Texas legal forms for you & yours ( not a gun trust thread )

I am not a lawyer, and am not offering you legal advice, so on with the post . . .

I've recently been trying to get some basic legal forms together for a friend of mine.

First stop was Uncle Google, who sent me to a place with "free legal forms". This site allowed me to click buttons for what I wanted or not in the form and when it got to the end, the final prompt ( at least it was final for me ) was:

To print your form, please sign in with Facebook
Needless to say, that shi**y site got closed and I made other efforts to find where my friend could get legitimate forms.

After much searching, it was brought to my attention that the Texas Department of Health & Human Services maintains a treasure trove of state approved legal forms.

Legal forms - Texas Health & Human Services

Among them are:

Durable power of attorney template

To change this to a general PoA, you'd change
(A) This power of attorney is not affected by my subsequent disability or incapacity.
(A) This power of attorney is void upon my subsequent disability or incapacity.
More on "durable" vs "general" power of attorney: How long is a Texas durable power of attorney in effect?

Medical power of attorney template

Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates ( aka "living will" )

• "Do not resuscitate" template

These forms are available in open formats, and all you have to do is print them and fill them out ( or - if you're fancy - you can edit them on your 'puter and print them )

It just seems to me that instead of hiring a lawyer ( who'll likely charge $10/word to "write" one of these forms up ), one could use the state-approved forms on their own.

To reiterate, I am not a lawyer, and am not offering you legal advice. However, should you need one ( or more ) of these forms to help out a loved one or friend, the great state of Texas has provided.

Bonus info: If you are a Texas veteran, you should be aware the state provides sizable grants ( some counties contribute, too ) to legal organizations which are intended to offer free ( civil ) legal advice & assistance to low-income or indigent Texas vets. These lawyers can provide for wills, trusts and in some cases - "fighting city hall" ( going toe to toe with the VA regarding issues with benefits ).

The more you know

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When I was taking a real estate class, part of passing the class was filling out a fictitious application for a loan. When I handed mine in and It was 100%. The teacher thought I cheated or something like it's hard to read. I think most folks nowadays aren't capable of fending for themselves anymore.. I blame Google maps and Siri. But yep thanks nails for taking the time to help even though it'll be ignored by the masses.
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Can I file a "Do not resuscitate" on my ex wife?

She's from Texas...

My friends know how to reach me. I'm out.
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Originally Posted by AlphaTango4 View Post
Can I file a "Do not resuscitate" on my ex wife?

She's from Texas...
My other gun is an AK.
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