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Originally Posted by frankinnola View Post
AR are at the lowest prices, so if you wait any longer you will miss the bus..
I couldn’t agree with this more. I just built 3 of them. I figured they weren’t going to get any cheaper. They are public enemy #1 with the libs,getem while the getting’s good
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Dems in power, gun bans... there will be blood.
oh bother... said Pooh as the tripwire clicked on the claymore mine.
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Originally Posted by Aceshigh View Post
Just my .92

The GOP in general was completely exposed and lost after Bush Jr .....and the "big Govt" Neo-con's from 2008, 2012, 2016 as well. Poor campaigner or just lack of trust.......I'd say lack of trust mostly

The only saving grace for the GOP itself, was the self made Billionaire
they were destroying even on Faux News that beat all odds, and they had no choice.

Without Trump, the country had lost faith in the GOP enough to get Hillary.
That's how badly the GOP has lost it's voter confidence.

Trump should have been a new 3rd party IMHO. He could have spearheaded it.
After Trump we are literally F***ed.

In case you havent noticed there is a fight going on right now for the control of the Republican party. MAG Trumpsters against RINO Neocon Open broder types.

My money is on TRUMP. The history of 3rd party Candidates over the last 100 years is pathetic to say the least. All they do is bleed off votes from one side or another nothing more.

For me Trump is now the Republican Party, the old guard can drop dead.

As for the future we now need younger Men/Women to step up and follow the lead Trump has forged for us. Without Trump the Republican Party was going to simply wither away and die. As the Democratic party shifts to the left the Republican party must shift to the Right.

Build that WALL!

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