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Default Romanian RPK Front ends, history, how did they get here?

I see factory assembled Romanian RPK Front trunnion/barrel assemblies for sale once in a while. Generally I just see a trunnion/barrel assembly, and if other parts are with it they will not match. The finish will show signs of moderate to heavy use, with some having shot out barrels. When did these come in and what is the story or history behind them?
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I’ve seen a few of them also. I’m thinking it’s the leftovers from parts kit Guns that were broken up to be sold as individual parts. They just never demilled the shot out barrels. It’s easier to the sell the complete barrel assembly than press off all the parts I guess?
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About 12-13 years ago I bought 24 RPK kits from century pretty cheap, around 120$ each. They ranged from complete matching kits to mismatched kits and kits missing parts. It was pretty easy to sell off just the barrel assemblies on the crappy kits
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