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David Teague
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Originally Posted by AKC-74Y View Post
Fair enough David. Please excuse my tantrum. I hate a thief.
We all hate thieves.

But if you don't PM us when there is a problem and blast the member with dire warning feedback on the i trader system, the thievery can continue.

We have had members get sick, get injured, die after taking money. We have had members take a week or more to ship after receiving payment...

if we auto ban at a drop of a hat the member loses a important contact system. Most of the time we can help solve a dispute, but out right theft all we can do is ban and watch for their return.
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Originally Posted by David Teague View Post

What can we do for you?

Ban the guy, that's it.

We collect no income from the marketplace, there is no 3rd party site that holds on to the buyers money and doesn't release it until the consumer is happy with his purchase.

You are not our "customer" when you shop the MP.

As for the privacy rule, yah, it's a thing because of folks posting other people's info without permission for damnest reasons, generally perceived slights or other nonsense.

Heck, I know I enjoyed my afternoon visit with the FBI counter terror unit members after a prior banned member got a hold of my personal info and called in a tip that I was domestic terrorist.

So... let me count the number of PMs the membership has sent me on this rip off artist and this thread. ZERO.

Yep, none.
I completely agree with this statement. No boards can really stop this kind of thing. There's gonna be bad apples we just have to try and all focus and help eachother......
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