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Originally Posted by LUVMYGUNS View Post
Having been through several of these, they are "fun". In that special sort of way. Fun, like having a long needle shoved into your muscles.. deep in and having to flex said muscle (which tears muscle tissue aka hurts). And there is also the "tazer" aka the tens device. So yeah. FUN!
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Neuropathy ruled out? In a definitive sense? It's what I have. Peripheral neuropathy to be specific. Seen more than one neurologist? Your life guy.
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I will weigh in on this, as I have diagnosed and confirmed ALS. I do have major problems with how this went down. I am presuming this was a primary physician and I suspect it is quite relevant that you remarked upon him as being young.

Having read your posts, I see no reference to you reporting any type of new weakness or fatigue.
In that context and presuming your exam did not show any weakness, local muscle atrophy (shrinkage), fasiculations (muscle twitches), or other reflex changes such as a babinski response, my suspicion for ALS based on nothing more than depressed reflexes would be exceedingly low. it would be much more typical for ALS to be associated with increased reflexes.

As others have already mentioned, decreased reflexes could reflect low back issues, peripheral neuropathy, or could be entirely normal for you. Another possibility would be whether his exam skills are adequate. It sounds like he checked your reflexes with what we call a tomahawk hammer, which is about 8 inches long with a triangular shaped piece of rubber. Those are awful for checking reflexes accurately.

Reading between the lines, I suspect the follow up in 4 weeks was to allow him to have some time to do some reading. Be aware that ALS cannot be diagnosed with a blood test and if he tells you that the labs were fine and that you don't have ALS you should see someone else, as I would not view him as a trustworthy provider at that point.

it is likely that the best approach would be for you to see a neurologist. if the decision is made to further evaluate the possibility of ALS, you would be an EMG/Nerve conduction study, labs to check for other causes of decreased reflexes, and imaging studies.

The best case scenario would be for the neurologist to say, "Why are you bothering me?" with no other studies needed after their neuro exam.

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Originally Posted by LUVMYGUNS View Post
Any doctor that says "we can fix that" with regards to ALS is a complete and utter dumbfuck that cheated his way through med school or got his degree from The University of Papua New Guinea or the equivalent. You should run like hell from that doctor and make sure you let everyone in your family know to stay away from this dumbass.

Having said that, I am praying for you OP. My ex mother in law had ALS. Get a second opinion and
The founder and owner of the company I work for died of ALS in 2005; it is incurable. Guy had more money than God, and all it did was prolong his life past the point where any of us "common folk" could have lived. Pretty awful stuff.

My best wishes for a clean bill of health are with you.
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I'll second Will-Seattle, the odds are in your favor that it's not ALS. Hyporeflexia (diminished reflexes) can be many things including FUCKING NORMAL. ALS will usually present with weakness, muscle wasting, discoordination, and HYPERreflexia (increased reflexes). Sounds like you need a new PCP.
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Thanks again guys and Will-Seattle (welcome to the forum BTW). I've been trying not to think about this ordeal for a while. I'm not one to get depressed about shit very easily anyway. Time is ticking away on that four weeks, and I guess it's now down to three for more testing/follow up. No skipping out on it since I will have to go in order to get my BP RX refill (still borderline hypertension). Not surprising, my BP is always higher when they test at the DR's office. I sat down to one of those machines while awaiting my RX last time and BP was normal.
I'm not a disbeliever in medical science.......it's just that I really don't trust anyone until proven otherwise. I still think there's a racquet with physicians and prescription drugs and realize that not everyone is involved. Some of those folks are programmed. Similar in ways to the general population.
Upon learning of the possibilities concerning myself and research.........I now have sympathy for anyone that has ALS. It's never been on my radar before now.
I have complimented myself sometimes about being healthy for my age, and ultimately thankful to the powers that be since I don't think that I have been striving for complete health all of these years....but merely staying in shape due to physically demanding jobs or working around the house and property. I'm an active, outdoor kind of person. Plenty of cuts and abrasions, stitches, split my head open once. Broken nose from high school basketball, and a broken pinky finger on right hand putting a TH400 transmission back together which I never had set so it's crooked to this day. I deal with pain very well matter of fact. As someone else previously mentioned or asked......no diabetes thankfully but my mother has had it for several years (adult onset), she has many issues now that she is older and missing one thyroid to boot. Family history isn't that bad actually.
Again........I'm not going to rely solely on the information I was given by one general practitioner. I'm not preparing myself for bad news in the future. I continue to do everything I ever have and want to. I feel fine and I am unencumbered physically and mentally. It's just one of the reasons why I've stayed away from physicians as a whole all of my life. Because I've seldom had any issues that I couldn't take care of myself, or live through.
By golly....the last time I went to the ER was a on the job injury where I sliced a couple of fingers down to the bone on a sheet metal guard. You know what the physician asked me? "What did you do to yourself?" Needless to say......I'd still like to avoid physicians.........unless they want to pay me for something.
I do appreciate all of the advice, the prayers, the well-wishes, and information given here. I remain hopeful and positive. As far as second opinions.........I'll get to that road when it comes if necessary. Right now, I have better things to do and spend time doing than running around spending time and money on the specialists or the medical system the way it is.
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Originally Posted by ugroza View Post
In all seriousness I cant tell whether some of you are simply blind, ignorant or stupid..
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Im not a doc, I cant see the future but you asked if anyone seen this or had any experience with it.

My stepfather (Did not raise me) retired summer of 2006. Been going to doc for back trouble. After going to a big fancy hospital they did a final diagnosis of ALS. By end of 2006 he was walking with a cane. Before spring of 2007 he was in a wheel chair and could not walk again. By May of 2007 he was bed ridden. End of May he was in home hospice. He died Jun 7, 2007.
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One word of advice from me, please get a competent doctor to give you a test to see whether or not you may have Lyme Disease. It's sometimes misdiagnosed as ALS.
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Originally Posted by Returned View Post
Having been through several of these, they are "fun". In that special sort of way. Fun, like having a long needle shoved into your muscles.. deep in and having to flex said muscle (which tears muscle tissue aka hurts). And there is also the "tazer" aka the tens device. So yeah. FUN!
I had a accident 10 years ago that did nerve damage to my left arm.
They did one of those tests on me and I was basically screaming at the end.
They had to hit me 5 times once for each digit. Yeah it is a special kind of fun.
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