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Originally Posted by Udo51 View Post
I've heard nothing but good about them, plus you can call for some discounts which is always nice. Ended up hearing about them from GunSafeReviewsGuy on the internet (good place to go for some amazing info)

The prices on the internet are decent, but call and talk to them, and they will give you a discount. Both times I ordered, I talked to the owners daughter (Alyssa I think is her name). Really nice girl, she is the one that they use to model their safes on their website.

As far as lock types, I'm a strong believer in MECHANICAL SPIN DIALS. Sturdy and most quality manufacturers use high quality ones, usually made by Sargent & Greenleaf.

I have a 30 year old gun cabinet I bought at Service Merchandise (anybody remember that place) for like $250. It has a S&G dial lock, has never failed me and I open it probably once a week for the last 30 years. The Cannon safe I had, with a touch pad lock, started giving me trouble when it was just a few years old. It would arbitrarily lock me out, and I would have to let it sit for a day to reset, to get into it. Finally got disgusted and just gave it away for free, before it locked me out and required an expensive locksmith visit to drill into it.
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Originally Posted by Obstreperous View Post
Which is better Mechanical Lock or Keypad?
Subjective areas.....
If you get a quality known name digital lock, then you can access the safe waaaaaaay faster.
I have kids, so I won't leave loaded firearms out. Everything is in a safe, small or big.

Personally I prefer digital, and I can tell you in 4 years i've changed my 9V battery just 1 time in my 1st safe.
It was more preventative then anything and I'm using rechargeable 9V lithium batteries.
Never done it in my 2nd big safe yet, but that has a backup

Some safe's offer a back up funky skeleton key also, in case the safe's keypad battery dies, you're not up shits creek. not all offer this.
I just thought that was an extra piece of mind in case the battery shits the bed and you didn't catch it.

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I thought most keypad locks had the battery in the keypad, external to the safe? If it runs down you just pop a new one in?
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