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Any WWII guns floating around there...???
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Out of them all of take the type 88.. That's my dream 545 right there.
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Originally Posted by Swiss_Armed_Soldier View Post
I can fire all my select fire guns with a special permit of the Police
😂🤣oo man that blows
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Yea, Switzerland is a fine example of an Armed Populace.

It is not very often mentioned but even Russian Saiga Rifles (some sporters and some with full AK dress furniture pistol grips etc.) are imported into about 120 countries world wide. The AR is likely exported to a similar number if not more countries.
Here in the US of course we have regressed in that regard in terms of the Russian rifles.
The anti-gun crowd never mentions this, but then again, they are clueless or intentionally miss leading the public on the facts. Or Both.
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