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Default Scorpion EVO mag pouch

I was looking for something to carry a couple of 30 round mags while out walking around my property and remembered that Strike Hard had a 2 cell pouch for the 10/22 twenty-five round mags. Checked and they are basically the same size. Pouch came in the mail today and the EVO 30 round mags fits perfectly. Any one looking for something less than the Yeti Wurks four cell should take a look at the Strike Hard pouch. I may have to get another.
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Have a picture with mags inserted?
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Johnny Gunz
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A Maxpedition MP5 pouch works well too.
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Member; CDALY05 (Kennedy Design) will make you whatever you want. I had him make a 5 cell Colt 9mm SMG minimalist rig for me and its the tits, just like all of his work. He has lots of options to work with.
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Default ^Sorta^

CDALY does make good stuff! Absolutely.

But from my last communication with him. (11-1-17)
He is taking it slow on new orders.

You can PM him and double check.

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3 EVO 30s will fit in a GI MOLLE 2-AR mag pouch, as well. The ones with elastic and Velcro, but no snaps.
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