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Default Yugo M59 Refinished with FIRE

I was snooping around youtube one day and came across a cool video about an old Japanese wood finishing technique called "Shou-Sugi-Ban" which supposedly translates to "burnt cedar board"

Essentially the technique involves charring the surface of the wood which makes it water resistant, fire resistant, and look cool.

So it got me thinking. "I wonder how that would work on a rifle stock?"

DISCLAIMER No matching or collectible C&R were harmed in the making of this thread!

As luck would have it, I happened to be browsing craigslist around the same time and lo and behold there was an SKS stock for sale locally.

I met a nice gentleman who's friend had "built a sniper rifle" and gave him the stock. He had plans to build his own rifle but alas it never came to fruition so I gave him $40 bucks and was on my way.

After a quick search on gunbroker for handguard wood and I was ready to go.

The beauty of this technique is its simplicity. Some fire, a brush and some oil are all that is really needed.

For this project I started with some MAPP Gas and a heavy duty brush

They key is to go slowly and not actually catch the wood on fire. The first couple passes with the torch mostly boiled off the cosmoline without actually charring the wood at all

Once the cosmoline was boiled off I let it rip and started to get a nice char on the wood

Once I'd gone over the entire stock I hit it with the brush. One of the cool things about this technique is that you can really "feel" the grain of the wood because the heavy brush removes the burnt wood and raises the contours of the grain quite nicely.

I ended up doing three "passes" with the torch and the heavy brush and then two more passes with the torch and a lighter duty brush. In between the last couple passes with the brush I wiped it down with some mineral spirits. At this point the stock was "clean to the touch" and no more charcoal residue was coming off on my hands

Then it was on the final finishing. For the first stage I used Tom's Pinetar Mix

I warmed up the stock to about 150 degrees, applied a generous coat of the pinetar mix, let it sit out in the sun for a few hours and then wiped it down and set it aside for a couple days. Did that three times total

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Lastly I repeated the same process using regular Tom's 1/3 mix. I did two light coats of that and then finished it off with a very light application of BLO

Then it was time to put things back together.

So there you have it. My bubba'd SKS Black Rifle.
I also took my first crack at a Youtube video if you want a little more in depth look

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That is really cool.
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extreme BBQing
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Interesting finish texture.

That was a pretty nice Zastava M59 stock too though.
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crispy crittered.

yugo wood is my favorite.

nice work
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This would be a neat inexpensive way to make a beech wood stock darker... Bravo sir!!
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How does this affect the durability of the wood? Does it dry it out and make it prone to cracking?
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Not your run of the mill Black rifle.
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Interesting look, but for some reason watching you burn that stock makes me want to cry.
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