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Old 03-30-2018, 04:05 PM   #1
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Default Thninking about a 45LC/.410 Derringer

I am thinking about a buying a 45LC/.410 Derringer just because I think they are cool and I would like to try one.

I have plenty of handguns staring on the low side with 22 up to 44Mag, with many semi autos and revolvers, but currently have no Derringers.

We have a Taurus Judge since shortly after they came out that has only been feed Federal Premium .410 000 buck since new, so I can only imagine the same round in a Derringer would be "a little more interesting."

With that said, common sense should tell me the same load in a Derringer would be painful and stupid, but I think still want one.

Does anyone have one and if you do, can you please share your experience please.
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Old 03-30-2018, 04:16 PM   #2
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Had one for a weekend, got it as thrown in on a trade I was doing, and then gave it away.

Just couldn't get past the fact it took up, almost, the same area/space as my G26.

They would/are good for last ditch measures I guess, but I would rather have 12 rds of 9mm in the same space on my belt as 2 rds of 45lc or 410

Wish I would have kept it thou, just because they are kind've cool to mess with.
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I had a bond arms phase

Would buy one for a while shoot it and sell it and then do it again ..

They suck plain as that ..The only plus of the bond arms is you can swap barrels on it

They are heavy and bulky and for my hands very very unpleasent to shoot sharp metal slamming into all the wrong palces ...

Frankly to me they were bulker and heavier then a wheel gun in many ways and the safty to me again took some doing .... The only derringer I would own would be the old hi stander DAO 22 mag jobs as they are to me what a derringer should be no safty no muss no fuss pull and fire ..
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Old 03-30-2018, 04:52 PM   #4
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no thanks. I held one at the range and took this pic. nah, you first.

cool thing here

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Old 04-02-2018, 09:56 PM   #5
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get a bond arms w the trigger guard
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Old 04-02-2018, 10:00 PM   #6
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These things were obsolete a 100 years ago for a reason.
Originally Posted by raggedwhole! View Post
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Old 04-02-2018, 10:17 PM   #7
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I had the Leinad single shot, to me it was just a novelty range toy, the 2 shot bond arms might be different.

It was kind of fun for a $100 gun.
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Old 04-02-2018, 10:43 PM   #8
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I have a single shot kit build up. I took about 30 minutes and hacked out a set of grips to make it just a tad easier to shoot. With cowboy loads in 45 colt it's kinda neat and can be fun. With Fed home defence 410's it's something to hold onto.

I did get a jack rabbit with it once. So I guess it could suit a purpose more than simple fun.
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Old 04-03-2018, 01:47 PM   #9
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I got a side by side cobray 410 for helping a buddy out once. It hurts something fierce to shoot 410 even with gloves on. I mainly run powder puff 45colts through it now when I get it out. I'm not sure how but it is really accurate with them.

I like it anyway though.
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Old 04-03-2018, 01:58 PM   #10
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I picked up a Bond Arms 45 / 410.
Built like a tank and a classic Derringer in modern calibers and material.

I always liked the design and it would make a great snake burner. I had the intent to load it with 000 buck and leave it in my truck for a truck gun but I actually like the damn thing and don't want it stolen.

I would never carry it as my only weapon but a load of 410 at close range should leave a mark.
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Old 04-03-2018, 04:59 PM   #11
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I worked a suicide a few years ago where a guy used one of the Cobray sxs versions to empty the contents of his skull. It worked like a charm. Not sure if theyd be good for anything else but they will get the job done at contact distance.
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Old 04-03-2018, 05:51 PM   #12
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I appreciate all of the shared experiences and views.

I found a link with .410 ballistic gel results for some of the popular self defense loads .410 loads.

I know the accuracy of these things is limited, but from inside a car it would really do damage to someone trying to carjack you.
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Old 04-03-2018, 08:14 PM   #13
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Yeah, a Sub compact 9mm will work better and carry 3x's the rounds.
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Old 04-06-2018, 10:17 AM   #14
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Back in the early 90's I use to carry a car gun that was a small Dbl barrel .45 Colt/.410. It was made for close QT. I had one barrel with #4 shot and one barrel with a .45Colt silver tip. Sold it to a friend in Texas, he use to carry it when he went out running.
Just saw in one of the gun mags a new .45 ACP derringer that carries extra rounds in the butt. Might make a good pocket carry in some cases.
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