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Default Tnw aero pistol

Anybody else here have any luck with these I have one and 9 mm I love it and I just bought one chambered in 45 ACP
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Pretty cool, looks quite handy. Would be great with a brace on it.
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ETA: thx for the inspiration muffindvr! I finally got off the fence, started looking around again and wound up ordering a Gen 2 Kriss SDP in .45 ACP.

Keeping my fingers crossed and not counting my chickens before they've hatched as my out the door price looks like it will be $1075. Been wanting a .45 ACP SBR type set up for a LONG LONG TIME lol. The folding brace options look pretty decent. We'll see how it goes.

That TNW would make a great pack rifle even in black bear country. You could load it up w buffalo bore 255gr hard cast and I bet it would scream out of that rig. I use that load in my Glock 21 and Glock 30 for woods carry sometimes.

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I’ve had a TNW 10mm carbine for a few years now and have had no issues, super reliable. I would recommend keeping an eye on bolts loosening up though. I read on another forum that someone had the studs holding the lower receiver had loosened up. So I put some loctite on mine. Last time it went to the range the mag release button had backed out enough it wouldn’t drop a mag but was easy enough to screw back in and another dab of loctite fixed that.
I do wish there was a better option for tightening down the barrel. Mine would come loose so I used a rubber strap wrench and (again) some loctite on the barrel collar. So far so good, but I wish the perforated barrel collar was just a six sided nut that I could get a wrench on.
The shape of the trigger is probably the worst thing I can say about mine. Recoil out of mine with hot 10mm loads is no worse than .45 out of a Hi Point or Just Right carbine.
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