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Harbor freight clamps and dust collector are where it's at.
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Originally Posted by giantpune View Post
He really liked mentioning those Polish blueprints. Like he smuggled out of Poland in his own ass.

Who's Polish blueprints?
FB,Circle 11 or Pioneer?
They like to use the word "Polish" to try to legitimize their junk!
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oh thank god they make their barrels in house now and tuned the gas system. I'm totally gonna buy one now.
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Originally Posted by Aceshigh View Post
Don't knock Harbor Freight.

They have ALOT of highly useful budget minded tools there for the casual handyman, but also alot of chinese crap.
My 20 ton press is awesome for $170, vacuum brake bleeder, super duty hammer drill, I think half my car specialty tools from there. .
I can't walk in that place without buying a ton of stuff. LoL

Hell even their Pittsburgh line of hand tools has improved dramatically in the past 5 years.
Every US big box store has shifted their hand tools, and power tools production overseas.
I had all Lowe's Kobalt hand tools when they were US made up until 2011.

My favorite hand tool set is actually the Dewalt 200 piece I picked up @ Blain's Farm and Fleet.
Very impressed so far, and I've had many different hand tool sets.
Not everything there is junk. I bought an 12 ton bottle jack there a few years ago, and it has been pretty good, especially for the $$.

I flat out will not buy non-US made hand tools, wrenches, sockets, ratchets, etc. All of mine are Proto, Snap-On, SK, Matco, OTC, etc.
Of course, all were purchased at a time when I used them daily for work.

There are some things I would consider buying at HF, like one of their box/pan brakes, or a blast cabinet. I do buy pegboard hooks there.

Absolutely don't buy drill bits, abrasives, precision measuring tools, or cutting tools at HF. They are pure junk.
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