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Originally Posted by 6526 View Post
just make sure you don't march face first into the same thing you are leaving behind,,,way to easy to do
Sound advice!
Originally Posted by nalioth View Post

Uuuh ugh uh ooh ooh! Uuh ugh uggggh uuuuug uh uh uh ooh. Aaah agh ugh uh aaawwwooh?
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Originally Posted by Monadh View Post
A few weeks ago someone started a thread that asked if you could move somewhere to start over, where would you go?

My question takes it a little further. How do you start over at 60?

The details are too many and too long to explain the background behind the question, but let it suffice to say I am tired of the pain. I have lived my life in the service of others and it has done me no good, it has not resulted in the love or respect that men used to get when they had been faithful to wife and family. I see it never really will. What I want now is a place to live in peace and quiet.
Use your brain and your heart. Whatever it is you've always wanted to do just get up and go do it. It's that easy...........Dreams are not a bad thing to follow if you use your heart and your brain. Good luck, God bless, and HAVE FUN.
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Looking for a place to call home
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I appreciate the input, guys. I have about 6-8 months of family activity ahead, and I am going to use that time to think/decide/plan.

When I originally posted, I had put in some hellaciously long hours over that last several weeks, and it hit me pretty hard that it could be absolutely for nothing. Not having anyone I could voice my concerns to is why I posted here. Thanks for the good words.
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I restarted three times, the last time granted I was only 40. A bit of advice as you asked, make sure you understand what it is you really like, and try to get there. Chasing misguided and or deluded ideals etc is destructive. Someone who is truly happy, that possesses what is necessary, demands nothing but instead works within the boundaries of his or her domain, total recipe for good sleep and many years of happiness with or without someone else there. Anyone who can do the above will have the perception to realize if someone else wants to play.
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A 30 year old girl friend is a fun start.
I'm over 50 now and divorce sucks.
Try to get out and have a one fun.
Getting negative and no being social will keep you from going gorward.
Stay away from lots of booze.
Go buy a new toy if you can afford it.
You only get one ride in life.
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I'm 67 and retired from my main job mechanicing for a big city fire department at 53 after 30 frustrating years. Went in the high performance motorcycle racing business for a while, drove big dump trucks and over the road, worked in a few fabrication/welding shops and for the last 4 years am really retired. I have a small group of good friends in racing, and shooting that mean a lot to my sanity. Bought a 1961 GM bus like an old Greyhound that is converted into a high end RV. It keeps me busy and we use it to travel and attend racing events. I have a small machine/fab shop at home and weld and repair for my friends and neighbors. Been married to the same woman for 48 years, no kids but we have always had German Shepherds. I get along with my wife pretty well and enjoy her company. We share the load at home. She knows if I am busy and active I'm happy and says little about the time I spend in the shop. Having a purpose or goal each day completes my life. Throw the television out, stay busy and your mind will last a long time.
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Start over at 60?!?!?
62-66 is like retirement age.
IMHO 60 is a little late to be starting over.
More like time to make final moves and decisions towards retirement.
Get your 401K/IRAs into less risk and/or target date funds.
Start thinking about where you might want to live.
Warm with low cost housing, low cost of living and preferably no state income tax.
Plus naturally CCW and other reasonable gun laws.
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I swim about a mile a day at a local pool. One of the gym members is well into his 80's. He's been LEARNING to swim freestyle for about 2-3 years. He's doing great and is always looking to do better. Fascinating guy. Never gives up. Never satisfied with second best. Always wants to learn something new.
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No idea of how to start over at 60. I'm trying to figure out how to start over (financially) at 49.
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