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Default Laughing....Instead of Thanking God 4 Not Being Dead

I couldn't believe how close some of these folks came to dying and their reaction to that; and worse, just no realization whatsoever of the putting of lives in danger of the people who were in close quarters to these incidents.

The young ladies who almost shot themselves in the chest because they couldn't handle the recoil, made the hairs on the back of my head stand up.

The muzzle swipe by the young lady, almost gave the individual who was filming the video a stroke, and was not funny.

I watched the video once, but no more because it made me nauseous.


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Yeah I can't watch these man. There was one going around on Instagram where the guy was fumbling all over the place w a pistol, looks DIRECTLY down the barrel, just clears the barrel past his head and ... BANG. Negligent Discharge. Extremely negligent. Damn near blew his own head off.

Darwin tries so hard sometimes ...
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Y'all see the recent video of the guy shooting his 556 through the bed of his Ford Raptor? Why do they post their mistakes isn't it embarrassing for them?
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