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Originally Posted by Boris Badinov View Post
Failed the vaccum test how?
Dit it:
1) fall fast without any resistance from the vaccum created by your thumb?
2) Piston did not fall at all?

If it's #2 than your probelm is likely corrosion in the tube or on the piston head. OR both. This can be very easily corrected with materials you likely already have.

There's great video on this specific sks issue on youtube. I'll try and find the link and post it here.

update: here's the link. Covers a lot of troubleshooting for the sks gas system as well as the gravity vaccum check and how to address corrosion on the piston head and in the piston tube.

Fall fast without resistance at all
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Boris Badinov
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Originally Posted by ScubaSteveXdm View Post
Fall fast without resistance at all
If your finger is covering the tube opening completely-- as demonstrated by the gentleman in the video link-- then too much gas passing the piston head.

Possibly the piston head has been sanded/polished previously to remove corrosion to correct similar recoil issues.

Too much sanding/polishing of the the wrong surfaces on the piston head create excess clearance/free-play between piston head and tube.

Can you post pics or links to pics in HD close-ups?
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