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Default Krebs vs Canis slant adapter

I'm thinking of doing a M4 type stock, and want a quality adapter. I was wonder if anyone had any experience or suggestions between these two. Thanks.
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I have two of the Canis adapters and they work great. From what I remember people with the Krebs are happy with them. Either will do the job. Canis can be hard to find. I would buy whichever one you can find and get shipped!
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I have both the Krebs and Canis adapters. Both work great but I prefer the Krebs due to the QD mounts built into the adapter... that is a very slick addition IMO.

With all that being said, you can't go wrong with either adapter.
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You will actually receive your adaptor from Krebs.

Canis? Caveat emptor.
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Haven't bought the Krebs...but the Canis (although a nicely-made product) required a fair amount of fitting to the Vepr X39 to make the lines look good between the receiver and the adapter. Couple hours of fidgeting with a file, and trial fitting...over and over. It wasn't quick and easy as I had hoped.
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Krebs is providing outstanding quality and quick shipping, Canis? Good luck on this adapter, waiting time could be couple of month, could be beter now but I wouldn't play with this. I own 3 different slant sportster Veprs with Krebs adapters, all great. No need to fit anything as well on Krebs.
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VEPR Slant M4 Fixed Stock Adapter
Regular price $65.00

We currently have 39 in stock.

Have 2 of the Canis Group adapters...no issues.
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Had both at the same time.

Krebs seemed to have a slightly heavier duty piece, plus the QD mounts.

But I ultimately sold that one and kept the Canis.

Only reason being...

The Krebs had a slight up-ward angle of the stock. Making me really drive my cheek into the stock to get a good look through the sights.

Canis was more natural for me. QD's really didn't matter as i have them on my adjustable stock too.
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I bought a Canis M4 .223 mag well adapter last week and received it in 2 days. They seem to have replenished their inventory recently. Really love their stock adapters.

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Originally Posted by VforVandetta View Post
I bought a Canis M4 .223 mag well adapter last week and received it in 2 days. They seem to have replenished their inventory recently. Really love their stock adapters.

which one did you purchase??....i'm thinking of getting one of those...they also have the brand new ones which they upgraded and finished beta testing on 8/18 of this year
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