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Black Canyon prospector
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Default Water in the desert

A fine day at work...
Water in the desert https://imgur.com/gallery/73LG0
"Kilroy was here"

Stand together Men

If more than one goose are geese, why arn't moose meese?

ATF should be a convenience store


PBR Street-Gang...

This is Over-Lord... Roger?
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I am parched, need a drink!

There's nothing more welcome than rain on a parched landscape.

One can smell how good it is. Negative ions I've been told.

Of course you are featuring under the ground water, it too is a jewel and loved.
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That looks like a vacuum breaker next to a value manifold. Tapping into city water?

The black pipe gas lines?
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Water in the desert? If you find a burning bush you need to make a u-turn.
Originally Posted 10/4/2017 by genxgixxer:
I am trying to find peace, trying to stay together, please don't fight each other here, i'm done with petty shit, we may have differences here and there, but we are not like the hateful left, they are trying to destroy our unity, our country. I won't be destroyed by this.
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Look for a cottonwood
" Filers gonna file.... "
"_____ is a racial slur - Mod"
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