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Exclamation Kobra Sight EKP-1S-03 Issues

Hi all,

I have a Kobra sight model EKP-1S-03 and I am having issues zero-ing the sight. Currently the POA is is about 5-6 inches to the right of the POI. No matter how much I turn the windage dial counter clockwise, the POI does not change. Am I doing something wrong? The sight used to be very close to zero before I messed with the windage dial and it started shooting way to the left. I've attached a picture of the windage dial and all the components just to see that maybe I'm missing something

Can someone explain how exactly turning the dials moves the red dot? Is something turning with it? Is it pushing the bearing in and activating something? I just can't wrap my head around how turning the dial works.

Also, I've linked a picture of under the elevation dial, there's a small red hole beside the bearing, not sure what it is, if someone can identify it that would be great.


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You must have missed the permanent post right above yours that states! How to adjust kobra red dot sights!
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