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Default AK Master Mount Safety Review

I have noticed that there is one excellent AK safety that often goes under the radar in the AK aftermarket world, and that is the AK Master Mount Safety. I think part of the issue is that people only associate the safety with the Master Mount, and it is kind of confusing because this safety is not necessary if you are running the Master Mount. Anyways the point of this review is to let you guys know that Master Mount aside, this is a good standalone product!

The AK Master Mount Safety is good for three things: One- it has an upper cutout which allows you to lock your bolt open. Two- it has a built in shelf which allows you to engage or disengage the safety without completely removing your shooting grip. Three- it has a lower cutout which clears the hardware on the AK Master Mount. If you’re running the AK Master Mount side rail, the Master Mount Safety in conjunction allows for a little smoother operation of the safety, but again, this safety is NOT necessary for an AK equipped with a Master Mount side rail, as standard AK safeties are compatible with the Master Mount hardware, standard AK safeties just ride over the Master Mount hardware.

The reason I really like the Master Mount safety is because it is very easy to knock the safety off your AK with this upgrade. It makes disengainging the safety much quicker because you can keep your shooting grip on the AK while disengaging the safety. The shelf feature is very important to me because I use an AK for home defense, and this product allows me to speed up the use of my AK by allowing me to get my AK into action quickly.

One thing to note is that the Micro Draco which is the AK I am using this safety for prevents the use of the bolt hold open notch, as the Micro Draco buffer prevents you from running the action far enough to the rear to lock the charging handle into the upper safety notch. This isn’t an issue with most standard stamped AK’s however, still worth noting.

I prefer this safety over the Krebs which I have used in the past, the Krebs was perfect for disengaging the safety on the AK however reengaging the safety with the Krebs creates an uncomfortable hot spot on your shooting finger. The flat shelf on the AK Master Mount Safety is much more comfortable.

There’s no doubt the AK Master Mount Safety is a definite upgrade over a standard AK safety, I also really like the fact that the front profile of the safety is rounded and less sharp then most standard AK safeties.

Overall if you want a very well made Safety with a bolt hold open feature and a shelf which allows you to maintain your shooting grip, I highly recommend the AK Master Mount Safety, it’s a great product.

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Like my AK Master Mount side rail, I designed this tactically enhanced safety lever for me as I couldn't find exactly what I wanted on the commercial market. I wanted a side tab that was flat as this is more conducive for moving the lever down AND then back up. I also wanted it higher up so it would not interfere with my fingers in the trigger well. The other reason I placed the side tab higher (besides being above the trigger well) is so it would work on underfolder AKs with the stock folded up. You didn't mention this in your write up, but I think it also makes my safety lever compatible with more AK models.

I also wanted my safety lever built as tough as the AK itself so I used a thick heavy gauge steel for the side tab and put a textured pattern on it for better use with gloves.

Thank you for the very nice review.

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