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Default TUTORIAL: Replacing tritium in old Obzor units

I tore down my Obzor today in an effort to find where the tritium was located so I could replace it. It took some trial and error, but on bright side I now know what's behind the little panels and screws.

Don't remove the little panels or screws on the optic except as described below. Some of the screws and panels are used to tension together components of the reticle adjustment mechanisms which will come loose once you remove screws and panels. You don't want to touch those.

Before teardown:

Step 1: you need to unscrew the four screws that are holding the rectangular enclosure whose terminal end comprise the two apertures. There is typically black glue or other sealant covering the screws. You can remove it with a very fine flat head screwdriver.

Step 2: once the screws are off, carefully remove the rectangular enclosure by moving it laterally away from the main body. There are no critical components attached to the enclosure other than the two plastic apertures. There is also a lot of black glue and other sealant at the surfaces between the main body and the enclosure, so be careful. Place the enclosure to one side and examine the main body:

Step 3: You will see a smaller cylindrical black plastic enclosure disposed beneath the larger optical tube that is secured to a frame with two screws. It will likely be covered in white caulk on both ends. Inside of the smaller cylindrical black structure is a tritium vial. It is possible that the vial will be partially painted to as a means to focus the light emission. Remove the two screws securing the smaller black cylindrical black plastic structure, and remove the cylindrical structure entirely.

The main body now looks like:

And the black cylindrical structure holding the tritium vial looks like this:

Step 4: This is important. Carefully remove the white caulking material from the external-facing portion of the black plastic cylindrical structure. Otherwise it will be difficult and risky to remove the tritium.

Then, using a small punch or similar tool, gently press the exposed part of the tritium vial showing on the face of the internal-facing portion of the black plastic structure. The vial will pop out:

It is this vial of tritium that you will need to replace to re-light the tritium. The vial, excluding the "nipple" portion, is dimensioned at 7.15mm x 17mm.

You can get tritium vials of all sizes to replace it, or you can rig up something that will nonetheless fit within the enclosure. You can insert a smaller vial cushioned with caulking for workable results.

When replacing the tritium vial, remember to secure the external facing portion of the replacement vial to the black plastic structure with caulking or similar adhesive. White caulking is optimal for its reflective properties.

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Excellent job ripping into that thing! I was hoping someone would be brave enough to figure this out.

Luckily the Ruskies believe in making stuff that lasts and can be serviced, unlike their American counterparts. Tritium is the reason why I have never bought a Trijicon, I don't like the idea of buying a scope that has a shelf life.
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Should this get stickied for folks who need this info? This is great!
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Originally Posted by MAKAK47 View Post
Should this get stickied for folks who need this info?
Absolutely. This is great info.
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THANK YOU FOR THIS! Agreed with the above... this needs to be stickied!
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Thanks! Please sticky...
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were do I get one
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