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Anybody see the CorBon DPX anywhere recently?
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Originally Posted by Lingwendil View Post
16" barrel I would go SST if your gun likes it, or Fusion. Last couple boxes of SST I bought were a little disappointing accuracy wise though, compared to Golden Tiger or Fiocchi that I had on hand.

SBR or pistol type I would do the same or the 154 SP wolf if it groups well, depending on distance it will be used for. The 154gr wolf only groups well in my RPK, or in the 9" pistol I used to have, my 16" barelled stuff didn't shoot it well at all for whatever reason.

In all honesty I would prefer something bigger for hogs if you've got some big ones in your area, an M76 or M77, or even PSL would be nice. all nice calibers that will have good hunting ammo options available, easier to bring enough gun than not enough.

Partially on topic, anybody reload their own hunting 7.62x39? I was thinking of giving it a shot. Any good recipes would be nice, since there aren't a ton of decent hunting loads in this caliber that aren't underperformers or expensive.
I hand load all of my hunting loads now.
I really don't hunt much with the 7.62x39 much any more
I have a AK in 300 savage I like better and it gives the bit more speed for better bullet expansion .

I had poor results with wolf 154 past 220 yards or so.
Poor expansion was the result.
I never had the accuracy I wanted either.

I load standard soft point 125 grain bullets in my hunting loads.
Guys have been using jacketed soft point on game for the last 75 years or more mainly for a reason.
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I haven't hunted any hogs yet with an AK, but I've used 62 grain Fusion in .223 and it killed them dead without spoiling the meat.
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