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Cash Kalash
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Default SLR106-CR FTE issue

I have an Arsenal SLR106-CR, we're all familiar with this disaster, took a chance on it because it had a KT46 prefix. First time out with the rifle shot tula 55gr and 55gr brass (once fired) reloads. No FTE issues but the circle 10 black mags were catching the rim of the cases (both steel and brass) which caused the round the sky dive up and hit the top of the chamber causing FTF. After I took a dremel to the lips of the mags and smoothed them out the FTF's stopped the second trip to the back yard.

However, a new problem started. Second time shooting 55gr brass (once fired) reloads (which run perfect out of my ARs and my NPAP pistol) I had FTE about once every 20 to 40 rounds. Upon inspection I'm noticing that the gun is beating up the brass pretty good, there are very fine brass shavings all up in the receiver after 200 rounds or so. I know the rifle is over-gassed and causing the disconnector to slip over the rim and leave it in the chamber, I've checked the extractor and spring and they seem gtg. So I need some opinions.

I'm pretty handy when it comes to working on guns, I've built two other AKs, but I don't consider myself an expert or anything. Should I...

1. Get the barrel cut and crowned, pin and weld a flash hider, to alleviate some of the over-gassing (really don't want to do this because this is the most accurate AK i've ever had) I'm not a welder (probably a good thing lol) so this will require me taking it to a gunsmith

2. Widen the chamber ever so slightly like I successfully did to a Mini-14 I had years back that had FTE issues. Worked flawlessly after that with no reduction in accuracy, but I am worried about headspace issues with doing this to the AK.

3. Purchase an aftermarket recoil Wolff spring or something else I'm not thinking of to fix this gas issue to help slow down the BC a little.

Thanks for reading this long post- Cash
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Hello Cash,

How old is the rifle? First and foremost, if you are having problems with the rifle and it is under warranty, contact Arsenal Inc.

If it is not under warranty anymore, I would suggest asking this question in the AK-74 or Gunsmithing sub-forum for advice.

Although our name bares resemblance to the factory in Bulgaria, we are not a manufacturer or provide any form of gunsmithing services, so we cannot give you any advice on how to fix the problem.

This forum is full of knowledgeable people who can provide better advice in one of those two sub-forums.

I'm sorry I cannot be of more help, but I have zero experience with 5.56x45mm NATO AKs and everyone else in the office shoots 5.45x39mm almost exclusively.

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if i remember correctly those had the wrong bullet guides in them or bad designed ones. the older model ones from like 2011 and earlier,not sure on the date dont grind on he chamber mouth unless its at the bottom like a feed ramp.

take the bolt out and see how tight the extractor holds live round. it should be decently tight. try pushing a round into the bolt with your hand as if is in the gun, muscle past the extractor and spring and see how it feels.

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Make sure the selector stop plate is machined for the magazine tab above the magazine catch.

There are early and late designed magazines.

There are at least two bullet guides.

Most of the feeding problems have been a selector stop plate that wasn't machined for the magazine, but there were several attempts to fix them by beveling the barrels and messing with the bullet guide.

That was before somebody realized the selector stop plates were machined for the magazine.

That has to be the first thing to check.

It could be overgassed and commercial rims are softer than military rims.
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