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Originally Posted by Stoned_Oli View Post
Looks great! If you can tell where the snugness is (ferrule to rear or crossbolt to rear) you could take a little off either the front of the stock or the part in the back where the trigger group retaining boss is, if you have to. Shouldn't be a problem though.
You could also carefully wide the front end of the bayo slot of the bayo doesn't fit right, as that is what they did to spiker stocks to convert them to para.
I'd have to say crossbolt to rear. But it is just a little. 1 Moderate tap with the rubber mallet and that thing was in an flush. I have to tell you man... I did not thing it was going to work... then I saw the serial number on the stock... it is an EARLY one 04000 series...

Shit! I don't even have to mess with the bayonet groove. I really got lucky. Beginner's luck I guess. I was so clueless... Thanks for all the info by the way.

If I were to sand it... is there a method to do this? Maybe painting the steel with something that comes of easy to see were the wood is stained... and go from there... I don't know... I can look it up on You Tube, I guess... but maybe you had ideas.
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