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314 on my APFT. 12:22 on the 2 mile and I beat the next guy by 40 seconds.
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Knee is still coming along, squatted 85 kilos for 20 reps yesterday, Hoping to be back to full strength in 4-6 weeks want to hit 130 kilos for 20 reps, and I'll get back to the olympic lifts.
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Im at 478lb deadlift, 425 squat, and 440 bench. Once I break the 1500lb club It'll be time to start cutting weight and working on my endurance. Did I mention I HATE cardio, and running?
Originally Posted by IanMor View Post
These DB pissing contests amuse me greatly. Good men flailing at each other like old women fighting over extra space on the clothes line for their bloomers to hang.
It's fucking idiotic. Everyone calling into question each other's character over the most trivial of things. It's like the fucking Special Olympics locker room snapping retarded asses with towels.
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