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It's just a Mod 63 build from AoA. Not a G kit. The wood is craptastic, delaminating and looks like it went through a few wars and then was left outside for 20 years. I really wasn't going for that much of a BFPU look but we'll see down the road. I may have to refinish the wood.
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Originally Posted by wormraper View Post
nice! is the new Kit a Romy G build?
Nope, MD. 63. Nice build, for the Romy you should do a BFPU.
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This a great thread thanks for sharing the pics !!
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Originally Posted by bda View Post
Thanks guys. I forgot to mention that after we got it together and put on the muzzle brake, we noticed that the FSB was too far back on the barrel and canted at that. I ran out of thread when installing the muzzle brake and when putting on a muzzle nut, it was flush with the end of the barrel with a big gap. We had to punch out the pins and push the FSB up a good 1/8" or so and drill the FSB pin holes. It must have been a Monday morning or Friday afternoon assembly. The barrel pushed in and out really nice so they did a good job with the barrel/trunnion mating.
Nice looking build. Is the FSB not being in the correct location a common occurance with the AoA headspaced kits. I believe mine has the same issue.
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Another one back from the dead.
Thumbs up!
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